Wearing, Buying, and Styling Bootcut Jeans

Image source: Merrick White

This week and last I’ve been talking about different styles of pants and how to wear them. We covered skinny jeans, wide leg pants, and boyfriend jeans, and today I’m tackling bootcut jeans, which also includes flares and bell bottoms. First off, let’s talk about who can wear them:

Tall and thin: These work for you! Just keep your top half structured or slightly oversized so you balanced out the flared leg!

Petite: These work for you too! And just the same as the tall and thin girls, keep the top half structured or slightly oversized so the outfit is balanced.

Curvy: Bootcut is a better fit for you curvy girls, rather than a full flare or bell bottom. Pair it with a button up or a blazer to give your top some structure and balance out the bottom.

Top Heavy: These are great for you, because they help balance out your body proportions. Make sure you stick with something fitted and structured up top so you don’t add more volume you to your top half.

Pear Shaped: Go for a bootcut pair, rather than a full flare, and make sure that you get a pair that fits you perfectly through the hips and rear. Then wear an oversized sweater or jacket or blazer up top to balance out the outfit.

So now you know if you can wear them or not, here are a few tips to styling them:

1. Wear heels

Bootcut jeans can definitely be worn with flats, but this style of jean can create an amazing long, lean leg line when they’re worn with heels. Just make sure that the hem of your jeans is 1/4″ above the floor. (Bonus tip: never wear the heel-length jeans with flats the bunchiness at the foot makes you look stumpy).

Image source: Merrick White

2. Structured or oversized

Balance out the fullness and looseness of the pant legs with structure on top like a blazer or a button-down, or go for the full 70s effect with an oversized cardigan or peasant blouse.

Image source: Merrick White

3. Balance with modernity

Especially with the larger flared jeans, it’s easy to look 70s or dated when you wear them. To counteract that, choose a modern piece to pair them with modern jewelry, a baseball hat, or a bold graphic top.

Article Posted 4 years Ago

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