Wearing, Buying and Styling Wide Leg Pants

Wide leg pants are a trend that suddenly popped up again over the last year or so. Palazzo pants were huge for a while (and still are popular), and wide leg jeans can be found in almost every store that carries jeans.

Yesterday I talked about skinny jeans, (who should wear them, where to buy them, and how to style them), so today let’s talk about the same thing with wide leg pants.

Wide leg pants are definitely not for everyone. I’ve broken it down below, showing who they look best on and who should stick with other styles.

If you are:

  • Tall and thin: Wide leg jeans work for you. To keep from overwhelming your tall thin frame, go for wide leg pants that are a medium width — not TOO wide (you don’t want to look like those circus guys on stilts with the balloon pants). Balance them with a fitted tee to accentuate your small upper half. I don’t personally wear crop tops, but if you do, try a fitted crop top with your wide leg pants — the small gap in the clothing will draw attention up toward your top half, so not all the weight is on your lower half.
  • Petite: When you’re a tiny little thing, making yourself wide on the bottom is not a good idea. Stay away from this style of pants.
  • Curvy: Wide leg pants work great for curvy girls, because they downplay your hips. Make sure you keep your top fitted or structured with a belt or a fitted blazer, so you don’t look wide all the way down — define that waist!
  • Top Heavy: Wide leg pants are not great for top heavy women, as they will widen the narrowest part of your body. Stick to other styles like skinny, flared or straight legged pants.
  • Pear Shaped: These are the pants for you! If the widest part of your body is your hips, skinny and flared pants will focus on that widest part. Choose wide leg pants that fit you well at your hips and then fall down from there, making your lower body proportional to your hips. Pair with structure on top, since the bottom will be wide — a blazer, a button up, or a tee with some structured jewelry (which will draw attention up toward your face).

And finally, here are a few great wide leg jean choices:

Long and Lean Jeans from Gap: $69.95

Boden Wide Leg Jeans for $78

Current/Elliot Wide-Leg Jeans from Anthropologie for $198

Mavi Jeans Cora Low Rise Wide Leg Jeans from 6pm.com for $24.99

7 for All Mankind Dojo Wide Leg Jeans from Belk for $118.30.

Cassidy High Waist Wide Leg Pants from The Limited for $55.96.

Article Posted 4 years Ago

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