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catching_fire_fashionIf you’re reading this post, you have probably already seen The Hunger Games: Catching Fire. What better time to get fashion inspiration than from the lovely and strong Katniss Everdeen. It’s refreshing to see a female character that is selfless, clever, and kind. Being stylish isn’t something that Katniss values, however it is something that she uses to her benefit. Fashion is a defining element in the movie, from the pale blues and grey’s of her poor district to the pompous, loud colors and shapes of The Capitol.

What would Katniss wear? In Catching Fire, she finds herself in a unique situation. She’s in this new opulent world, but not exactly a part of it, nor does she want to be a part of it. She walks a line between these two worlds. The rugged, strong Katniss wears brown leather, high-tech black activewear, and simple gold accent jewelry. These looks are practical for hunting and survival, but also flattering in their simple lines and sleek, form-fitting cuts. On the flip side, Katniss the celebrity  is styled in shimmering, modern silhouettes and show-stopping event gowns.

The “Catching Fire” Fashion is surprisingly easy to translate into the real world. For us, it’s less about life and death, and more about just being playful with our fashion choices. What can you bring into your style from this epic trilogy? If you are a Hunger Games fan, you can have fun putting together your own outfits that would be Katniss-approved.

Take a look at these 20 articles of clothing that are inspired by The Hunger Games. I’ve done the leg work to help you on your way, all you need to add is that Katniss spirit. (My own dress is from, with shoes from shoe dazzle, all styled by Alex Evjen!)

  • Inspired by Katniss 1 of 20

    This dress literally looks like it's on fire, perfect for a holiday party or a really important interview that you need to make a statement. 

    Purchase this dress at for $84.

    Photo Credit Julyssa Schenk

  • Dress 2 of 20

    Trish Summerville was the actual costume designer for the movie Catching Fire. She has released a small collection inspired by movie's heroine. You can purchase pieces from her "Capitol Couture" collection at Net-A-Porter. This amazing dress is one of the sleek offerings. I love the distinct neckline, very Katniss.

    Purchase this dress at Net-a-Porter, for $995.

  • Jumper 3 of 20

    One of my favorite Hunger Games lines is from Peeta, "Isn't it strange that I know you'd risk your life to save mine, but I don't even know what your favorite color is?" He might not know what Katniss's favorite color is, but we know her district's favorite color is grayish blue. This jumper is a stylish version of what Katniss wore.

    Purchase this jumpsuit at OASAP for $91

  • Brown Boots 4 of 20

    Okay, these boots probably wouldn't be our choice if we were hunting in the woods, or being chased and running for our life. Thankfully the only running I do these days is after my toddler. These boots are a perfect homage to Katniss's ruggedness and are sure to give you an extra spring in your step.

    Purchase these Nine West brown boots at Zappos for $117.99

  • Scarf 5 of 20

    This scarf is luxurious enough to be found in any area of The Capitol, but it's still practical. Just like Katniss.

    Purchase this scarf at Ave32 for $120

  • Grey Cardigan 6 of 20

    The color and the fit are perfect here. This cardigan can be worn to multiple places, but Katniss would've worn it on the Victory Tour.

    Purchase at Anthropologie for $298

  • Brown Belt 7 of 20

    Katniss wore a belt similar to this with the blue jumper. You can wear your's with just about anything.

    Purchase this belt at Anthropologie for $98

  • Leather Jacket 8 of 20

    This is similar to Katniss's classic brown leather jacket. It's part of her signature look. This one is a little bit more flattering because of the slimming features like the zippers on the sides.

    Purchase this brown suede jacket at Piperlime for $79

  • Black Leggings 9 of 20

    Jennifer Lawrence looks great in her sleek black leggings. They show off her slim, athletic body and for the purposes of the movie allow her to have the flexibility that she needs in order to kick some major butt.

    Purchase these black leggings at Romwe for $28.99

  • Red Dress 10 of 20

    This one-shoulder red dress is similar to the jaw-dropping  gown Katniss wore for her first interview. You will be equally stunning in this elegant, bold number. 

    Purchase this red dress at outnet for $219.74

  • Sweat Suit 11 of 20

    This sweatsuit is another item from Trish Summerville's "Capital Couture." This workout wear is sure to have you put your best foot forward at the gym. If Katniss can succeed at The Hunger Games, you can succeed at 60 minutes of cardio.

    Purchase the sweat jacket for $483 and the pants for $125 at

  • Arrow Bracelet 12 of 20

    Simple and pretty, this bracelet would be a great item to help you to remember to focus on your strengths.

    Purchase this bracelet on for $16.95

  • Cowl Vest 13 of 20

    This Etsy owner has made a pattern so you can knit a cowl vest almost exactly like Katniss's.

    Purchase a knitting pattern to make your own Cowl Vest on Etsy for $5.50

  • Black Dress with Feathers 14 of 20

    This dress reminded me of what Katniss wore to the party after the Victory Tour. 

    Purchase at Nordstrom for $696.49

  • Mocking Jay Earrings 15 of 20

    You could be spot on with a mocking jay pin, but my pick is a little more subtle.

    Purchase these earrings from Etsy for $9

  • Sweatshirt 16 of 20

    Back to the Trisha Summerville "Capital Collection" this sweatshirt is cool in it's own right. The simple words might inspire you to be the spark of change in your own life. 

    Purchase this sweatshirt at for $120

  • Cargo Pants 17 of 20

    Although it's one of her casual looks, I liked to see how Katniss paired her cargo pants with strong dark pieces: a black tee shirt, clack boots, and black jacket.

    Purchase these cargo pants at Nordstrom for $59.40

  • Grey Henly 18 of 20

    When hanging out at home, in District 12, henleys are the shirt of choice for Gail and Katniss. And why wouldn't they be? They're comfortable and classic, not to mention budget conscientious. 

    Purchase this grey henly at Old Navy for $14

  • Wedding Gown 19 of 20

    Katniss's wedding dress in the movie is stunning and majestic. This option from Christian Siriano has amazing texture and some of the volume that I loved in the Tex Saverio one, but it has a much more reasonable price point too.

    Purchase this Christian Siriano Gown at Nordstrom for $195-$230.98

  • Black Shoulder Bag 20 of 20

    The last of our slides is this black leather bag. Trish Summerville designed it for the Capitol Couture line. I love the style of this utilitarian bag, with its the ease and coolness.

    Purchase this shoulder bag at for $550


Lead Photo Credit: Julyssa Schenk

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