What YOU Should Be Buying at Forever 21 RIGHT NOW

The thing about Forever 21 is that Forever 21 is amazing. Fully. Except you have to dig, and sometimes after looking at rack upon rack of truly horrendous crap, your eyes start to glaze over and you completely miss the hidden gems.

But fear not, good shopper! For I am here to guide you. Consider me your personal Forever 21 sherpa. I know all the best tips.

Shall we then?

  • Tribal Pattern Bomber Jacket 1 of 24

    I've been seeing a lot of bomber jackets so far, as well as its cousin, the Member's Only jacket. I like a bomber with a bit of a twist, which usually come by way of leather sleeves, but this one's fun too.

    Get this at Forever 21 HERE, $34.80

  • Favorite Scoop Neck Tank 2 of 24

    As far as basics go, you really can't go wrong at Forever 21. This basic tank is really lovely, a great oversized drape, straps are just the right width, and not to mention that those jeans are particularly amazing. 

    Get this at Forever 21 HERE, $4.80

  • Basic Knit Leggings 3 of 24

    Consider this your formal invitation to commence with leggings-as-pants again. 'Tis the season! 

    Get this at Forever 21 HERE, $6.80

  • Union Jack Military Jacket 4 of 24

    Throw this one on with an otherwise minimal outfit and you've got it made, sis.

    Get this at Forever 21 HERE, $34.80

  • Must Have Wool Boater 5 of 24

    Number one, wool hats are IT this time of year. Number two, boater hats are the new fedora. You just wait. And I for one am relieved, because I am so sick of fedoras. 

    Get this at Forever 21 HERE, $12.80

  • Forever Cool Bomber Jacket 6 of 24

    Forever 21 nails the moto jacket look time and time again, and a bonus for us small-boned types, their small sizes will actually fit us!

    Get this at Forever 21 HERE, $37.80

  • Cozy Cat Knit Beanie 7 of 24

    Wear it to Fashion Week, get your photo taken. I kid. But also, it's true. 

    Get this at Forever 21 HERE, $10.80

  • Sleek Faux Suede Booties 8 of 24

    These are a literal and exact replica of a very sexy pair of booties sold at Rag & Bone right now. Now, Rag & Bone happens to be my personal favorite, but who has $500 to shell out for booties? Heartbreakingly, I sure don't. But, I mean, these aren't even forty bucks, so . . .

    Get this at Forever 21 HERE, $36.80

  • Cool Cat Flats 9 of 24

    Ironic cat loving in fashion isn't going anywhere. Neither are slip-ons that most resemble house slippers. These are so understated, too. Really, really well done. 

    Get this at Forever 21 HERE, $22.80

  • Moto Babe Faux Leather Jacket 10 of 24

    I am not joking around when I tell you this is a MUST BUY. The best faux leather jackets on the planet come from Forever 21. 

    Get this at Forever 21 HERE, $47.80

  • All Day Chelsea Wedge Boots 11 of 24

    This is one of those finds that is going to haunt you the rest of your life if you don't snatch them up. They are so forward thinking, so minimal, such great lines, THE perfect color . . . Literally, I can't believe I am seeing these shoes with my own two eyes they are that amazing. 

    Get this at Forever 21 HERE, $36.80

  • Striped Chevron Cardigan 12 of 24

    I like my cardigans on the HUGE side. I also like to wear them in the mornings over my PJs when I'm puttering around making breakfast, and then later when I'm out running errands. Just swap ya leggings out for pants. Or not! This is America!

    Get this at Forever 21 HERE, $27.80

  • Standout Buckle Booties 13 of 24

    Can we just talk about these? Because hoooooolyyyyy heeellllll.

    Get this at Forever 21 HERE, $39.80

  • Favorite Boyfriend Cardigan 14 of 24

    Slouchy oversized cardigans are key for this fall. Wear them loose and baggy and hideously oversized, with a good crop of bed head, and of course Birkenstocks. I know, aren't these trends right now sort of hysterical? And WONDERFUL? This will be the comfiest you've ever been while dressing right on the money.

    Get this at Forever 21 HERE, $19.80

  • Tribal Knit Sweatpants 15 of 24

    I don't know which is better, the rad print? Or the fact that they're sweatpants? 

    Get this at Forever 21 HERE, $15.80

  • Fuzzy Marled Sweater 16 of 24

    Fuzzy sweaters are enjoying their comeback right now and, for reals, can you think of anything more insanely comfortable? 

    Get this at Forever 21 HERE, $22.80

  • White Noise Baseball Hat 17 of 24

    The way to wear baseball caps right now is exactly like this. Grown up, team free, color-blocked, and textured.

    Get this at Forever 21 HERE, $8.80

  • Worldly Beaded Sweatshirt 18 of 24

    This is the kind of thing I would expect to pay eighty bucks for at Zara. 

    Get this at Forever 21 HERE, $27.80

  • Street Chic Moto Vest 19 of 24

    I'm still kicking around my feelings on vests for this season (short girl problems, you understand), but I do know that if you've already come around to a testimony of the vest this seasons, then this one is daaaaang good. 

    Get this at Forever 21 HERE, $34.80

  • Street Chic Moto Jacket 20 of 24

    This one comes in a lot of really great colors, and if you have a hard time deciding, don't worry! It's twenty-five bucks!

    Get this at Forever 21 HERE, $24.80

  • Essential Chambray Shirt 21 of 24

    Kind of the marriage of an oxford and a chambray. The pockets! Divine.

    Get this at Forever 21 HERE, $27.80

  • Standout Arrow Pullover 22 of 24

    I like the graphic nature of this sweater, especially that it doesn't seem to be about anything. If your sweater is going to have something on it, please don't let it be any variation of "Love, Laugh, Eat Cheese," or however that saying goes. 

    Get this at Forever 21 HERE, $17.80

  • Distressed Acid Washed Denim Jacket 23 of 24

    I just want to point out that wearing this a size too large is the point, and also Kelly Kapowski would do it, and thus so should you. (I am really, REALLY enjoying this early-nineties resurgence. Like, paging Party of Five!) 

    Get this at Forever 21 HERE, $32.80

  • Desert Cool Parka 24 of 24

    This parka isn't messing around. And if you're wondering when is the appropriate time to wear this 3/4 sleeve jacket, it's NOW. Add a long sleeve tee when it's chillier. Put it away in December. Okay then.

    Get this at Forever 21 HERE, $34.80

Article Posted 3 years Ago

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