What YOU Should Be Buying At Forever 21 RIGHT NOW

All the stuff that’s fit to buy. Are you ready?

  • Geo Cigarette Pants 1 of 22

    Okay, repeat after me: Printed cigarette pants: yes. Printed pajama pants: no. Cropped and tailored: yes. Anything else: No. 

    Get it at Forever 21 HERE, $17.80

  • Stretchy Natural Stone Cuff 2 of 22

    You had me at stretchy.

    Get it at Forever 21 HERE, $10.80

  • Cool Girl Cropped Bomber Jacket 3 of 22

    I mean, it comes with a hood. 

    Get it at Forever 21 HERE, $22.80

  • Relaxed Heathered Cardigan 4 of 22

    Digging this color, digging this knit, etc etc. 

    Get it at Forever 21 HERE, $24.80

  • Heathered Zip Front Sweatshirt 5 of 22

    Ooh, two zippers! Fancy.

    Get it at Forever 21 HERE, $19.80

  • Luxe Velveteen Kimono 6 of 22

    I mean, you can go look in your closet if you want, but I know for a fact you don't have a rad black kimono yet, and what's the hold up? 

    Get it at Forever 21 HERE, $32.80

  • Southwestern-Style Utility Jacket 7 of 22

    So many utility jackets, so little time . . . This one has some kick ass embroidery, so, you know. Winning.

    Get it at Forever 21 HERE, $34.80

  • Boho Doll Crop Top 8 of 22

    This is so structural and eye-catching and fifteen eighty! That's nuts.

    Get it at Forever 21 HERE, $15.80

  • Girl-About-Town Boots 9 of 22

    If I've said it once I've said it a thousand times: Forever 21 footwear is surprisingly awesome. Every time.

    Get it at Forever 21 HERE, $39.80

  • Contrast Triangles Sweater 10 of 22

    I really like this color combination, and also, if you've ever wondered, "Now, how am I going to show off my tiny little waist under all these bulky sweaters?" Well . . . this is how.

    Get it at Forever 21 HERE, $24.80

  • Classic Faux Suede Chelsea Boots 11 of 22

    Good buckle, good height, good color  . . . I even like the elastic on the inner ankle! Bingo!

    Get it at Forever 21 HERE, $34.80

  • Classic Varsity Cardigan 12 of 22

    Obviously I'm biased, but I'm all over this. 

    Get it at Forever 21 HERE, $27.80

  • Favorite Tasseled Loafers 13 of 22

    Every now and then Forever 21 will pump out something so good, so on point, so inexplicably high quality, that you get lightheaded from it all. This is how a person becomes addicted to the Forever 21, it's because they have to keep going back on the off chance that they will find something like that again. These are called unicorns. It's really exciting when you spot one. And these loafers, my friends, are a U-NI-CORN. 

    Get it at Forever 21 HERE, $29.80

  • Fireside Geo Striped Cardigan 14 of 22

    And you can wear it exactly like this too, if you want.

    Get it at Forever 21 HERE, $27.80

  • Game Time Varsity Tee 15 of 22

    If you've ever seen a more perfect sleeve than this, well, I think you're lying. 

    Get it at Forever 21 HERE, $9.80

  • Southwestern Inspired Stripe Top 16 of 22

    First of all, this is rad. Second of all, dolman sleeve red stripe plus extra Southwestern-y style stripe? I like how it's boxy. Me and this top could be friends.

    Get it at Forever 21 HERE, $29.80

  • Classic Faux Suede Pumps 17 of 22

    Stop it right there! Okay, so these come in yellow, gray, and black. The black, eh, whatever. The yellow and the gray? Yeah, you're going to need them both. S-U-E-D-E did you hear that? No it's not real suede, what are you thinking? 

    Get it at Forever 21 HERE, $29.80

  • Classic Jersey PJ Set 18 of 22

    Oh, hi there, Respectable Person Pajamas.

    Get it at Forever 21 HERE, $24.80

  • Southwestern Boyfriend Sweater 19 of 22

    This is the right kinda size for camping trips. Or movie nights with a huge bowl of popcorn. Or bonfires. Or what have you.

    Get it at Forever 21 HERE, $29.80

  • Classic Double Band Cuff 20 of 22

    Kind of minimalist and architectural and yadda yadda yadda. 

    Get it at Forever 21 HERE, $7.80

  • Static Print Sweater 21 of 22

    Okay, let's go over this. I like the length. I like the color. I like the shape. I like that it looks like something you'd spend $200 on at Barney's Co-op. I like that it's under $25. 

    Get it at Forever 21 HERE, $22.80

  • Every Day High Low Top 22 of 22

    This is what you would call a basic. Good sleeve length, a nice high low hem, not a trashy high low hem, and the extra large cuff is kind of rad . . . how many white t-shirts does a gal need? My estimates have it at about 20. You?

    Get it at Forever 21 HERE, $14.80

Article Posted 3 years Ago

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