What Your Handbag Says About You?

We all have them, a favorite handbag, our go-to in the closet. When it is time to replace that bag, we tend to go for something similar, something we are comfortable with. This is known as your handbag “type.” I switch from a tote to a hobo, and while I buy a lot of clutches, I always seem to forget I have them. Everyone has a type and what bag you choose says a lot about who you are and what you do. Find out what your handbag says about you!

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    What does your handbag really say about you?


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  • The Tote 2 of 9

    You are a woman on the go and need a bag that fits that life. You need to carry everything you need for work, an extra pair of shoes, an outfit change, a small horse, etc. Basically, life is overflowing but you are prepared. Just remember to breathe every once in a while so you don't get overwhelmed. 

    Available at Whipping Post, $175

  • The Hobo 3 of 9

    You are the have-it-all woman and even if you don't, you'll never let anyone know that. You are confident and aspirational and you know it. Good for you. 

    Available at Patkas, $180

  • The Backpack 4 of 9

     You are young, if not at least young at heart and extremely fun. You love adventure and trying new things, whether it is exploring a new city or simply changing careers because you can.  

    Available at Leather Fun, $139

  • The Clutch 5 of 9

    You are glamorously simple. You don't need much other than to look stylish with enough room for a smart phone, a lipstick, and shout wipes. A printed clutch may be all you need - we envy you. 

    Available at Patkas, $120

  • The Crossbody 6 of 9

    The essentials only girl. You didn't bring a change of shoes because you leave the house already wearing a comfortable pair. You are practical, smart, and dependable. 

    Available at Forever 21, $21.80

  • The Satchel 7 of 9

     A satchel is most likely worn by career women. They are go-getters, and have to stay extremely organized to maintain that work-life balance some say cannot be achieved. They achieve it. 

    Available at TopShop, $56

  • The Shopper 8 of 9

    You live for the weekend. Farmer's market, estate sales, you know when and where all the good ones are. Your shopper usually leaves the house somewhat empty, but comes home filled with treasures one could only wish for. 

    Available at Mango, $79.99

  • The Bowling Bag 9 of 9

    You like structure, not only in your handbag but in life. You prefer a more organized day and planning ahead. If it isn't in your calendar, it doesn't seem to exist. 


    Available at Mango, $34.99

Article Posted 3 years Ago

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