Would You Wear the Jumpsuit? 15 Styles If You’re Feeling Daring

Would You Wear? The Jumpsuit!

Maybe it’s the ’70s in me, but I am all aboard the jumpsuit bandwagon. As a matter of fact, I’d be happy to be driving that wagon. Regardless, it’s definitely one of those trends that you either love or hate. That being said, I realize this trend isn’t for everyone, and definitely not one shape fits all.

Jumpers can easily become a huge fashion don’t depending on the shape and style for your body type. I recently purchased a few jumpsuits to add to my wardrobe that could still be trendy in another decade. However, you do not have to go vintage to enjoy a quality jumpsuit. Several designers and retailers are bringing this oldie back. I found the one in this picture at Free People last weekend and couldn’t believe how flattering and comfortable it is.

Like the maxi, it’s nice to have a one-and-done piece of clothing. It’s just easy. (However, if you need to use the restroom, prepare to have to fully undress. That part isn’t the best. This is just a small sacrifice though to wearing something so groovy, baby.)

So with out further ado, I ask you: Would you wear a jumpsuit? Whether you’re nodding your head yes or you’re not sure you can take that kind of risk yet, may I present to you some sassy jumpsuits to consider jumping into this season!

  • Bohemian Belle 1 of 15
    Would You Wear? The Jumpsuit!

    As I mentioned above, I scored this bohemian beauty last weekend at Free People ON SALE! It was one of those pieces that you know you just have to try on, and when I did it was true love. It is made by Novella Royal, a line that specializes in '70s-inspired fashion goodness and long legged pants that lengthen your gams for miles. I am a huge fan of this line and of the jumpsuit. So, jump on it! 


    Purchase this Novelle Royale Jumpsuit at Free People, $69.95

  • Printed Princess 2 of 15
    Would You Wear? The Jumpsuit

    When searching for a blouse-y jumpsuit, be sure to find something with some wiggle room and that has a nice tailored fit. This printed piece strikes the perfect balance with a nice drawstring waistline! Also, to be frank, steer clear of a low-cut crotch — they're rarely flattering.


    Purchase this Maison Scotch Jumpsuit from Nordstrom, $165

  • Denim Darling 3 of 15
    Would You Wear? The Jumpsuit!

    Truth be told, I am dreaming of this denim jumper. This fresh piece has a very vintage vibe and loads of style points. 


    Purchase this Free People Jumpsuit from Nordstrom, $198

  • Comfy Cute 4 of 15
    Would You Wear? The Jumpsuit!

    Here is a perfect example of a dressed down, cozy and casual jumper that can be worn to class, to run errands, for a day at home, or even dressed up with a pair of heels. The floral print is right on trend. 


    Purchase this June & Hudson Terry Jumpsuit from Nordstrom, $60

  • Sweet Satin 5 of 15
    Would You Wear? The Jumpsuit!

    This jumpsuit was made for the risk-taking fashionistas. This satiny statement is bold and full of personality! It's also right on point, with the red and pink color combination! 


    Purchase this Marc by Marc Jacobs Jumpsuit at Nordstrom, $598

  • Chevrons and Stripes 6 of 15
    Would You Wear: The Jumpsuit!

    This jumpsuit takes a tip from the button-down and keeps the party going strong by continuing all the way to the foot. With its high-waisted belt and the slim-in-the-knee bootcut pant, this jumpsuit is ultra flattering and elongates the legs.


    Purchase this jumpsuit at Free People, $198

  • Well Suited 7 of 15
    Would You Wear? The Jumpsuit!

    Crisp, clean, and classic are the three C's I'd use to describe this gorgeous one-of-a-kind jumpsuit. The white is glamorous and chic in every way.


    Purchase this Rachel Zoe Jumpsuit at Nordstrom, $395

  • Belted and Blue 8 of 15
    Would You Wear? The Jumpsuit!

    Tory Burch has brought back all things '70s in complete class and current freshness. This jumpsuit is no exception and no surprise. Perfect tailoring and belt placement flatter the figure and offer mega levels of sophistication.


    Purchase this Tory Burch Jumpsuit from Nordstrom, $450

  • The Classic 9 of 15
    Would You Wear? The Jumpsuit!

    We all need basic black in our wardrobe, but this on -trend suit is far from basic — fresh and on-point is what comes to mind! The lovely, heavy jersey material that hangs and flows on the body with utter effortlessness is an easy way to ease your way into jumpsuits. 


    Purchase this Tart Jumpsuit from Nordstrom, $168

  • Pocketful of Posies 10 of 15
    Would You Wear? The Jumpsuit!

    Put your hands in these pretty pockets and just kick it. This slouchy and comfy jumpsuit is feminine with its floral print and yet still flattering. Where comfort meets chic — a winning combo in my book!


    Purchase this Free People Jumpsuit from Free People, $128

  • Flower Child 11 of 15
    Would You Wear? The Jumpsuit!

    Covered in roses, this is another bohemian beauty — flattering, feminine, and full of organic easy style! How pretty is she in this look!?


    Purchase this Jumpsuit from Free People, $148

  • Leopard Lady 12 of 15
    Would You Wear? The Jumpsuit!

    Leopard is here to stay for winter, spring, summer, and fall. We see it making another statement here in this satiny and silky silhouette of patterned goodness. Cynthia Vincent has always been one of my favorites for creating simple, classic, and interesting pieces that flatter a woman's frame perfectly. This jumpsuit is no exception.


    Purchase this Leopard Jumpsuit from Anthropologie, $378

  • Stripes 13 of 15
    Would You Wear? The Jumpsuit!

    Personally I don't wear strapless pieces, but I find this stripy chambray jumper a breath of fresh air. This look could work perfectly on a day down by the beach. It scores major points in casual chicness. 


    Purchase this Jumpsuit at Forever 21, $24.80

  • Creamy Dreamy 14 of 15
    Would You Wear? The Jumpsuit!

    Splendid is known for its casual luxury, its easy soft fabrics, and its understated glamour. This jumpsuit is as cool and fresh as one would expect from a brand like Splendid. Take the trend and keep it classy!


    Purchase from Splendid, $178

  • Kimono 15 of 15
    Would You Wear? The Jumper!

    Lastly, this Kimono-inspired jumpsuit is elegant and versatile. It works for a business professional and yet is fresh enough for a night out on the town. The pattern is interesting and still understated. Beautiful balance and proportion are found in this singular piece of prettiness.


    Purchase from ASOS, $58.34

Photos by Priscilla Chang

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