My Maternity Style: 10 Ways I Wore My Regular Clothes Throughout My 2nd Trimester

When I got pregnant I was curious to see how long I could stretch (no pun intended) my regular clothes throughout my pregnancy. Partly because I’m way too budget conscious, and partly just to see how long I could make it work. Now don’t get me wrong, I’m not a maternity clothing hater like some people out there. In fact, they make it for a reason: it’s really flattering on all our growing parts — those cinched sided tee’s hide my new love handles like nothing else could! Not to mention, all maternity clothing is super comfortable, which is why I’ll be getting a pair of maternity jeans ASAP. I’m planning on buying a few maternity pieces to get me through my 3rd trimester comfortably and stylishly, and hopefully I’ll find pieces that I can wear long after pregnancy, too. However, if you’re not ready to let go of the majority of your wardrobe, here are some tips and outfits that got me through the 1st and 2nd trimester in my regular clothes!

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  • Fitted Jersey Dress 2 of 11
    Form fitted dress

    If there's one time you can get away with a dress hugging every single curve, it would be during pregnancy! As long as your growing belly doesn't make it too short, it can be a great way to highlight your bump. 

    My jersey dress was from H&M, you can find a similar one here for $12.95

  • Fitted Maxi with Knotted Tank 3 of 11
    straight maxi and long knotted tank

    Maxi skirts are a pregnant girls best friend. At this point in my pregnancy, I find a fitted straight maxi skirt is more slimming since it curves around the bottom of the belly. I paired it with an extra-long tank that I knotted at the bottom to keep the slimming look. 

    You can find a similar maxi skirt here from H&M for $17.95

  • Fitted Long Tank with Button-down 4 of 11
    Fitted long tank with leggings

    A long fitted tank dress, leggings and an open button-down has been my go-to outfit in my 2nd trimester. (Actually it was my go-to outfit even before I was pregnant!) It's comfortable, stylish, and still shows off the cute bump! 

    Similar H&M tank dress found here for $12.95 // Similar chambray shirt found here from Nordstrom's for $24.90


  • Belted Long Tee with Leggings 5 of 11
    Belted long tee and leggings

    Adding a belt to an extra long comfy tee with leggings is a great way to highlight your bump while staying casual. Throw on some red clogs, and you're good to go! 

    Similar long tee found here from H&M for $17.95

  • Belted Shapeless Dress 6 of 11
    shapeless dress belted

    I had quite a few shapeless dresses in my wardrobe pre-pregnancy which worked for my body type before my belly grew, but now they all look like big unflattering tents! Adding a belt remedies that! You might think shapeless dresses on their own are a good idea when pregnant but trust me on this one, it easily adds 20 pounds — so bring on the belts! 

  • Maxi Skirt with Knotted Crop Top 7 of 11
    Maxi skirt and knotted crop top

    A good maxi skirt can provide endless outfits when paired with shirts knotted above your belly! Depending on the top you choose, it can range from dressy (silk or chiffon top) to super casual (a simple knotted v-neck). This is a really flattering look throughout the entire pregnancy! 

    Similar maxi skirt found here from H&M for $17.95

  • Shift Dress 8 of 11
    shift dress

    The shift shape of this dress is fitted around my belly but still remains loose in other areas, which is exactly what I want for the most flattering fit right now. This has always been one of the most comfortable dresses I own and I'm so happy it still fit in my 2nd trimester! 

  • Tunic with Leggings 9 of 11
    tunic with leggings

    A tunic goes a really long way when it comes to a growing bump. They are super flattering and long enough to just wear with leggings, which, to be honest, is the only thing you'll want to be wearing anyway! 

  • Jeans + Rubberband Trick 10 of 11
    rubberband trick jeans

    This may not be the comfiest option (that would be maternity jeans) but the rubberband trick is getting the job done with my regular jeans while I decide which maternity ones I want to buy. Just be sure your shirt is long enough to cover your wide-open waist band! 

  • Empire Waist Maxi Dress 11 of 11
    empire maxidress

    If you already have a collection of maxi dresses, you're in luck in the maternity department! Most maxi dresses will work throughout your entire pregnancy, especially ones with an empire waist. I bought this on a whim a few years ago on clearance and it's been a lifesaver this summer! 


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