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    2: Direct something

    Direct something Unleash your little budding James Cameron or Sophia Coppola on your backyard. Hand them your video camera and walk away. You’ll be amazed with the clever videos they film, and with a little time and a basic movie editor, you can capture their summer fun forever.

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    3: Hunt something

    Hunt something Bugs are gross and icky and slimy — and super awesome fun to catch. Collect ladybugs for your rose bushes, fill an old pickle jar with fireflies, or go outside at night with a flashlight to surprise nightcrawlers in your garden bed.

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    4: Whack something

    Whack something Traditional ball games are great for teaching kids coordination and gross motor skills — and for keeping your local window shop in business. Croquet is a fun and easy game that children of any age or ability can play. And the best part? The ball never leaves the ground.

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    4: Find something

    Find something Tired of playing hide and seek? Try a scavenger hunt! Send your kids searching for clues you’ve hidden around the backyard. Use written clues for older kids or pictures drawn in crayon for your pre-readers.

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    6: Reenact something

    Reenact something War, what is it good for? Getting that poop scooped, that’s what. Send your kids out into the dangerous backyard jungle in search of hidden “beagle bombs,” and whichever soldier collects the most wins a medal for bravery.

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    7: Say something

    Say something Blow your kids minds and buy yourself a few more years before you have to switch to the family cell phone plan by making tin can phones. Yes, it really does work! With just a few cans (or paper cups) connected by a taut string, your kids can chat with their friends and neighbors — and learn a little science, too!

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    8: Erupt something

    Erupt something Use the powers of candy and soda for good, not evil, this summer, with a fun chemistry experiment. Drop an entire tube of plain Mentos into a two liter of Diet Coke to create an instant geyser, right in your backyard!

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    9: Recycle something

    Recycle something Let your kids show their love for the planet with a day spent making bird-houses out of recycled household items, like milk cartons and popsicle sticks. Use bright, non-toxic paint to decorate your birdhouses. Hang them all over your yard to attract birds all summer long.

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    10: Burn something

    Burn something Searing a perfect steak on a grill takes years of practice, but searing a marshmallow takes only a stick, some patience and a grown-up nearby with the garden hose.

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