10 Pool Safety Tips for Kids


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    Stay alert

    Constant supervision is the best way to prevent swimming injuries or drowning. Kids are not always going to yell for help, especially when they are facedown, so pay attention to your kids and don't get distracted by chores, phone calls or gadgets.

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    Teach your kids to swim

    teach your kids to swim You can enroll your kids in swimming lessons when they’re as young as 3 or 4. There are other programs that will teach them other water exercises at an earlier age. Keep in mind, though, that teaching your kids to swim is not a foolproof method to prevent them from drowning (hence why rule number one is always rule number one).

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    Have a security system in place

    There are many options to secure your pool when it’s not in use. Enclose your pool on all sides with a gate and make sure your pool cover is on correctly. Consider using surface or underwater alarms that will alert you when there are waves or disturbances in the pool and remember to keep the windows and doors to your house locked when the kids are inside.

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    Clear the decks

    Have clear walking space around the pool. You should also remove toys in or around the pool so children are not tempted to play with them and accidentally fall in.

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    Learn CPR and First Aid

    Don’t be a bystander; you can be the one to administer CPR to someone in need instead of waiting for an ambulance to get there. There are CPR classes you can sign up for at The Red Cross or your local YMCA. It’s a life-saving skill you’ll be glad to have.

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    Keep rescue equipment nearby

    If you can’t go into the water yourself, use a shepherd’s hook or life preserver to rescue someone who is drowning. Make sure that you know how to use these tools and also keep a First Aid kit by the pool to take care of other injuries, like scrapes and bruises.

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    Establish rules — and enforce them

    Pool time should be a fun time for everyone but set some basic safety rules first. As much as your kid wants to push his friends into the pool or “cannonball” into them for fun, help him understand those things are pretty dangerous. Setting some basic safety rules will prevent a lot of tears, injuries and headaches for everyone.

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    Pick the right flotation device

    Do your research when buying “floaties” or swimsuits with built-in flotation devices. Make sure that they are appropriate for your kid’s age and skill level but never use them as a substitute for supervision.

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    Brush up on your own swimming skills

    You never know when you might have to rescue someone who is in trouble at the beach or pool, so make sure you know the proper way to help without harming yourself.

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    Inspect your pool

    Have a certified pool inspector check that your pool is compliant with industry and government standards. In addition to checking for water quality and the proper drain covers, you may need additional safety devices depending on what kind of pool you have.

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