Want to Have Fun This Summer? Just Add Water!

  • Swirl, swirl, swirl! 1 of 10
    Swirl, swirl, swirl!
    Shake colored water and oil together in a plastic bottle for captured rainbows. Spin glitter, dish soap and water around in a soda bottle to make Technicolor tornados.
  • Get down and dirty at the beach 2 of 10
    Get down and dirty at the beach
    Dig holes until you reach water, or let your kids bury you in the sand. Added perk: free exfoliation.
  • Everyone needs a spa day even Mr. Bunny 3 of 10
    Everyone needs a spa day  even Mr. Bunny
    Take those stuffed animals your child refuses to part with to the “Kitchen Sink Spa,” complete with blow dry and massage after. It’s a great excuse to give them a much-needed wash.
  • Introduce the kids to geology 4 of 10
    Introduce the kids to geology
    Search for beautiful rocks and shells along the water’s edge. Start a collection, invent stories for where they came from and store them proudly for your child in a glass jar.
  • Build an armada 5 of 10
    Build an armada
    Make sailboats out of Styrofoam cups and plates and race them in your bathtub or in a backyard trench, blowing through straws to create wind.
  • See the beach nightlife 6 of 10
    See the beach nightlife
    Wake the kids up at midnight for some after-hours exploration. Bring flashlights to discover all the different insects (and even creatures) that come out at night.
  • Wage war 7 of 10
    Wage war
    Pretty soon they’ll be asking for laser tag and paintball, but for now all you need is a bucket of water and some dollar-store squirt guns to beat the heat with all your neighborhood friends.
  • Go fishing 8 of 10
    Go fishing
    It’s not about catching anything, it’s about spending quiet time with your family and touching worms. Okay, it’s mostly about touching worms. No rods? No worries. Make poles out of string and sticks.
  • Sprinkler madness! 9 of 10
    Sprinkler madness!
    Jump it, run through it, chase it, let it chase you, and by all means just make sure that everyone is soaked and exhausted by the end.
  • Play catch with water droplets … 10 of 10
    Play catch with water droplets ...
    ... Using your mouth! Everyone has a bowl of water and flicks drops at each other’s tongue or, even better, play it together in a summer rainstorm.

Article Posted 6 years Ago

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