10 Amazing Life Experiences Captured Through Google Glass

Google Glass made its entrance last summer. Now that it’s been out for several months, we are seeing how people are actually using this new technology.

When Google opened up their Explorer program for admissions, I jumped in. I wanted a pair of Google Glass. I was accepted, but the truth of the matter is – when it came time to fork over $1500 for Google Glass, all I could think about was that if I am going to be dropping $1500 – I should be spending it on my kids and not another gadget. Plus, I have a feeling that these will go down in price and as much as I love being an early adopter – I am cheap.

Despite not having a pair of my own, I love seeing how people use Google Glass. Check out this roundup featuring several of my favorite ways people have captured life with Glass.

  • Life Through Glass 1 of 11

    Life through Glass - Google Glass is changing how life can be captured. Check out these 10 amazing life experiences captured through Glass. 

    image source: Google

  • Rollercoaster 2 of 11

    I stumbled across a video featuring a guy wearing Google Glass on a roller coaster and was amazed. Again, something I am not huge on but hey, I'll be happy to live vicariously through YouTube! Check out this roller coaster ride on Disney's Expedition Everest ride in Animal Kingdom.

    Experience Expedition Everest Through Glass

  • Birth 3 of 11

    Another thing I cry at, every time I see a baby born. While all 4 of my labors weren't pretty - Google Glass lets dad be present without having to worry about carrying a camera but still capturing the whole experience.

    Watch a Home Water Birth Through Glass

  • Marriage 4 of 11

    There is a project called, that features Google Glass during weddings. You may look a bit weird (for 2014, but this could be the norm in 10 years!) - but imagine being able to relive that walk down the aisle.

    Watch a Bride Walk Down the Aisle Through Glass

  • Propose 5 of 11

    I cry every time I see a proposal and yes, even when watching this I shed a tear (and its only 26 seconds long - i'm weak.) What a fun way to capture such a special moment. 

    Watch a Marriage Proposal Through Glass

  • On Stage 6 of 11

    Bob was called on stage with Penn and Teller and captured the whole experience with Google Glass. I'd love to se more performers using Google Glass and seeing the show through that perspective.

    Watch Penn and Tell Through Glass

  • Sky Dive 7 of 11

    While skydiving totally isn't my thing, I am always fascinated by the idea of getting in a plane and trusting a parachute to get you back down to earth. Watch as the Valley Parachute Club uses Google Glass to capture a jump.

    Watch a Skydive Through Glass

  • Tour Israel 8 of 11

    What a way to capture a trip through history. Remember your favorite aspects of your trip without having to hold a camera. Watch as this guy tours Israel while wearing Glass.

    Tour Israel Through Glass

  • Playing Paintball 9 of 11

    My husband spent many weekends the first several years of our marriage on the paintball field and totally appreciated this video. Watch as a guy plays paintball.

    Watch Paintball Through Glass

  • Fly a Kite 10 of 11

    Let's go fly a kite.... and record it on Google Glass!

    Flying a Kite Through Glass 

  • Trick or Treat 11 of 11

    Relive what it's like to be a toddler Trick or Treating!  Glass Mom stuck a pair of Google Glass on her 2.5 year old before trick or treating. It's a fun perspective to see what little eyes see on Halloween.

    Watch a Toddler Trick or Treat Through Glass


Hopefully the video resolution will get better in future versions. 

Someday I’ll get a pair of Google Glass….. or something similar, I just won’t pay $1500 – would you? 

What Life Experience Would You Capture on Google Glass?

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