10 Easy Ways to Promote Blog Posts

So you spent 3 hours writing, editing photos, creating graphics, re-reading 10 times to make sure you don’t sound like a complete idiot, checking for spelling errors and then you finally hit the PUBLISH button. All that work creating a blog post – but just because you built it, doesn’t mean they’ll come. You have to promote your blog post, but how?

Working with various businesses and bloggers, I’ve come to learn that many new bloggers just expect Google to pick up their blog which will open the flood gates for web traffic. You have to let the world know about your blog since rarely does the “build it and they will come” stance work in the web world. I too was in that boat, but quickly learned that getting people to your blog, reading, and ideally promoting your content for you takes some work. It’s not all hard work, it can be easy and not as time consuming as you think!

Let’s look at 10 easy ways to promote your blog post. Hopefully you’ll find a new way to share your content, possibly with a social media network you are already present on.

  • Promote! 1 of 11

    Spreading the word about your blog can be easy. Click through and learn how, through various tools you are most likely already using!

  • Email 2 of 11

    Whether you're promoting your content via an e-newsletter or just an email to friends sharing your post link (I'd suggest limiting these, but they do work when you do want to do a big push) - email is still a powerful share tool. Chances are the email app is your #1 used feature on your phone. While some say email marketing is dying, it still has a chance if you can make yourself stand out from the crowd.

  • Facebook 3 of 11

    Unfortunately Facebook has limited the amount of viewers that see our traffic. That being said, it still can generate traffic and is a great way to share your content with friends - because let's face it, the majority of our friends are on Facebook. If you want to talk to a specific group of friends on Facebook, rather than sharing your blog posts with all of your friends, create a specific list and when sharing, choose that list to share with.

    Make sure that you have created a page for your blog. This gives you an easy avenue to communicate with those who specifically want to hear from you.

  • G+ 4 of 11

    Google+ is a must nowadays. Get Google authorship, and link your content to your posts so that Google can recognize what posts you wrote. Start sharing and contributing to the Google+ community. Being BFF with Google has its perks and those perks include Google search engine traffic sent your way!

  • Linked In 5 of 11

    To broadcast a link on LinkedIn, place your promotional text and link in the "Share an update" box. Make sure to keep it professional and to include a link to your blog in your LinkedIn profile.

  • Pinterest 6 of 11

    Pinterest is now the #1 traffic driver for many bloggers! While food and craft blogs tend to do best on Pinterest, there is opportunity for any niche to find their place with this site. The images that tend to do best on Pinterest include those that are long, skinny, and include text describing the pin.

  • Reddit 7 of 11

    Reddit has now become a source for the media. What is Reddit? If you previously used Digg, it is similar to that. Users are sharing content in the form of photos, links, videos, and more, and other users vote it up or down.

    While you can share any news on Reddit - offbeat news, posts, and photos tend to do best on Reddit.

  • StumbleUpon 8 of 11

    StumbleUpon allows it's users to find interesting content across the web in various niches.

    Install the StumbleUpon extension and stumble your posts. In order to generate traffic from StumbleUpon, you have to share the love so stumble more than your own posts.

  • Tribber 9 of 11

    Find a tribe of people who are similar to you and "share the love" using Tribber. Tribber connects like minded people and creates a way for you to easily share each other's content.

    Find whatever social niche works best for you and which generates the most traffic for you.

  • Twitter 10 of 11

    It's amazing the amount of traffic 140 characters can generate! Tip: If you are blogging about a particular product - include the product's Twitter handle. Use a tool such as Hootsuite to help optimize the timing on your tweets.

  • YouTube 11 of 11

    Whether you vlog or create video for your blog - make sure you set up a YouTube profile and include your URL!  When making a video for a blog post, include the blog post URL in the description or a link in the actual video. 

Once you get promoting, find out what works best for you and your blog. Maybe you don’t have time to amplify everywhere and that’s okay. By knowing what gives you the most traffic, you’ll be able to know the best place to put effort into blog promotion.

Which blog amplification outfit works best for you?

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