7 Educational Apps For Young Learners

We are now a couple of months into the new school year, and we should be able to gauge how things are going for our children academically.  If they are struggling, we should be able to get them the help they may need without risking them falling behind

In my case, my son, who is in kindergarten is currently having some difficulty understanding some of the math lessons being presented to him.  The lessons are too abstract for my visual learner and needs a different way to understand and grasp the concepts being taught.

So as I was scouring the Internet finding ways to help him, I ran into numerous iPad math apps that may help kids better understand what is being presented to them.

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  • Monkey Word School Adventure 1 of 7

    Monkey Word School Adventure was created for introducing kids to the fundamental concepts behind both reading and writing. Lessons include: letter recognition, writing, phonics, spelling with a special emphasis on sight words to get kids ready to begin reading. 

    Price: $1.99

  • Sight Words List – Learn to Read Flash Cards & Games 2 of 7

    Sight words is derived from the Dolch list which contains over 300 words broken down by age groups. Fun and educational this apps helps kids learning the basic words they need to increase their vocabulary and turn them into great young readers.

    Price: FREE

  • Teach Me – Kindergarten 3 of 7

    Teach Me: Kindergarten is part of the 24x7 Digital group of apps made for children. 

    This particular app teaches six different age appropriate subjects which includes:  sight words, addition, subtraction, spelling and now writing letters and numbers. Parents can choose the subjects and choose both the difficulty levels and questions. 

    Price: $1.99

  • Spell Blocks with Sight Words 4 of 7

    Spell Blocks with Sight Words is a great interactive app to get kids learning words instead of just memorizing them.

    Some great key features that caught my eye include: Word Flagging (Flag the words your child already knows), Word Proficiency scale (Shows how well your child knows each word), Five different word levels (pre-primer, primer, first grade, second grade, and third grade), Positive reinforcement learning, Spell Blocks simply moves a wrongly placed letter back to the list.

    Price: $1.99

  • Sight Words by Photo Touch 5 of 7

    Sight Words by Photo Touch an app for kids up to six years old to help them learn to recognize and read words by sight, sound and voice.  What's great about this app is that you can record your own voice, add your own words or pictures to make the learning experience more personal for your child.

    Price: FREE

  • Math in Action 6 of 7

    Math in Action was created to get children between five and seven playing while learning with this visually appealing app. The simple and very intuitive interface is what makes learning enjoyable and the voice instruction prompts kids to solve all the problems unassisted, making them feel great about the work they are doing.

    Price: FREE

  • Mathmateer 7 of 7

    Mathmateer is a rocket themed app covering topics such as: telling the time, money, shapes and square roots. Kids get to create their very own rocket in order to answer questions and collect maths objects. For kids between 4-12 years old.

    Price: $0.99

Article Posted 3 years Ago

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