10 Fun Game Apps to Play On Your Road Trip

Heading out on a road trip? Previously, I wrote about the best road trip apps. While they were great to make sure you got to your destination – they left little to be desired as far as passing time goes.  If you’ve ever been on a REALLY long road trip – you know the lull and bore that can set in. Fear not! Keep the car entertained with these fun road trip game apps!

  • Road Trip Game Apps 1 of 11

    Don't let the family road trip be boring! Check out these 10 fun road trips game apps that will keep all passengers busy during the ride!

  • Road Trip Scavenger Hunt App 2 of 11

    The Road Trip Scavenger Hunt takes the ABC game to a whole new level.  Decide if you want to look for words, objects, or a combination of both, and choose how many points it will take to win.

    Download Road Trip Scavenger Hunt for iOS - 99 cents

  • Family Car Games App 3 of 11

    Family Car Games app gives you over 100 equipment free games to play in the car. Keep the fun rolling the entire road trip!

    Download Family Car Games for iOS  - $1.99

  • Road Trip Bingo App 4 of 11

    Play Bingo in the car! The Road Trip Bingo app gives you a bingo card. You spot the items on your road trip and mark them off on the app.  First person to bingo wins!

    Download Road Trip Bingo for iOS - $2.99

  • Karaoke Anywhere App 5 of 11

    Sing your heart out karaoke style with the Karaoke Anywhere app. It's the world's first and only fully featured iPhone karaoke application with a streaming library of over 10,000 songs.

    Download Karaoke Anywhere for iOS - $1.99

  • Fun Blast Trivia App 6 of 11

    Keep the driver awake with this fun trivia app! This quiz app covers your favorite topics such as: movies, TV, politics, history, geography, literature, pop culture, and more.

    Download Fun Blast Trivia for iOS - Free

  • State Plate Bingo App 7 of 11

    Tamara from Southern Yankee Mix recommends State Plate Bingo.  We use to play a similar game growing up, so cool to see it in app form!

    Download State Plate Bingo App - iOS - 99 cents


  • Mad Libs App 8 of 11

    Remember the old school fill-in-the-blank Mad Libs? The game got an upgrade. It's still a ton of fun and it's a great game for road tripping! Thanks Jeff Holton for recommending!

    Download Mad Libs App for iOS — Free

  • Q Road Trip App 9 of 11

    The Q Road Trip app is made to keep you busy during a road trip. By asking thought-provoking and funny questions, Q Road Trip will help make time fly during your long drive!

    Download Q Road Trip for iOS - Free


  • StoryLines App 10 of 11

    Have a load of people in the car and need something to do to pass time? Download the StoryLine app! The StoryLine app is a pass and play party game where you build a storyline with your family and friends.

    Download StoryLine for iOS - Free


  • Heads Up App 11 of 11

    The Frugal Mom recommends the Heads Up app. Looking for a game to play in the car?  You may recognize this game if you are a fan of Ellen DeGeneres, as she plays it on her show.

    Download Heads Up App - iOS - 99 cents

Article Posted 3 years Ago

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