10 Ways to Use Evernote

Are you using Evernote? If not, I’ll tell you what I tell everyone who says “no”…. You are SOO missing out!  Evernote lets you take notes, sync files across devices, save webpages, capture inspirations and more. Still not understanding what all the buzz is about Evernote? Let me show you 10 ways I have used (or am using) Evernote in my everyday life. It’s become a staple app on all of my devices and something that I use daily.

Here are 10 Ways to Use Evernote

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    Learn 10 every day uses for Evernote and find how this powerful service can help improve your productivity.

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  • Grocery Lists 2 of 11

    About 75% of my grocery list is the same each week. I keep my list in Evernote and can pull it up while at the store.  Before heading to the store, I check what we have and delete those items and then when meal planning - add any additional ingredients to my list.

  • House Shopping 3 of 11

    Last year, when we are shopping for a house, Evernote was amazing. Anytime I was driving through a neighborhood and came across a house that I liked, I would snap a photo and put the address in Evernote. Then when I went to email the realtor I had the information handy and a photo for my memory sakes.

    p.s. I so wish this house worked out, womp.

  • Medical Records 4 of 11

    We have 4 kids and keeping up with medical records has always been a joke, until Evernote that is.

    I've created a notebook and started snapping photos of the paper the doctor gives me when we leave.  This is great to have access to, for instance I wanted to know how much my kid weighed at his last well visit - I just did a simple search and shazam!

  • Audio Notes 5 of 11

    Sometimes I like to rant about something and really just don't feel like writing it all down. I can do that with Evernote's audio feature. Just record and the sound file is embedded into a note.

  • Note Taking 6 of 11

    Everyday note taking, I keep stored in Evernote. These notes maybe simple thoughts, or from a business meeting.

  • Draft Blogging 7 of 11

    I have used Evernote many times to draft blog posts. This comes in handy when I am on the go, waiting somewhere and don't want to put something in Wordpress mobile.  Sometimes  I just feel the need to throw something on paper - but in the digital world we live in, it's more like throw something into Evernote.

  • Ideas 8 of 11

    I am someone who thinks of the most random things at the most random times. Yes, I have a file for those random ideas in Evernote. And since I can pull up across any device, I know when I need to know that idea - I can easily access it with whatever device I have.

  • Personal Journaling 9 of 11

    I wish so much I could have a pretty journal that I doodle in. Nope. Anytime I need to just write (it's VERY therapeutic might I add....), Evernote's fabulous.

  • Random Documents 10 of 11

    Our kids are in a new school and require uniforms. I have kept the school's documents in Evernote so when I am out shopping, I can go back and reference easily.

  • To Do Lists 11 of 11

    While I know there are a plethora of apps to help with my to-d0's, I keep my list in Evernote.  I need a utility that I can plug in action items in my phone and then see them later when I work on my computer (and send from my computer to phone).  Since I use Evernote for a plethora of tasks, it only makes sense that my to-do's be kept here.

Sure, I could use Google Drive (which I adore for business, but that’s a different post) or what have you, but Evernote just works for me. The interface is simple and easy to use. Anything information I need to keep or find, is right on my phone, or my computer, or my iPad or any other web device. It just makes sense.

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Do You Use Evernote? If So, What For?

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