11 Apps To Help You Rock BlogHer ’13

BlogHer is one of the premier destinations for bloggers from all niches to come together the learn, network, and share in their experiences in new media and everything it encapsulates. As bloggers and social media folk in this digital age, a fully-charged smartphone and several go-to apps are essential to your survival at an event of this magnitude. Here are 11 apps to not only survive, but help you get the most out of BlogHer ’13.

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    As bloggers in this digital age, a fully-charged smartphone and several go-to apps are essential to your survival at a massive event like BlogHer '13.

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    This event is pretty huge with lots of people and a ton of stuff going on. The official BlogHer '13 mobile app for iOS and Android , with a mobile-friendly version for BlackBerry and Windows Phone will help you plan out your schedule, stay up-to-date on event news, connect with brands and other attendees. Attendees can also use the app the navigate the conference with maps, as well as take notes of favorite sessions, and upload your own photos the conference photo gallery to share with other attendees.

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    TripIt travel organizer

    Need to organize your BlogHer travel arrangements? TripIt for web, iOS, Android, BlackBerry, and Windows Phone can automagically build your itinerary by simply forwarding your travel confirmation emails to your TripIt account. Your freshly-minted itinerary will come complete with days, dates, and times, flight numbers, phone numbers, addresses, maps, and local weather info on one easy to use interface.

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    Whether you just want to keep tabs on your own spending, or need to submit an expense report at the end of your BlogHer experience (paperwork, I know), Shoeboxed is a great service that lets you forward emails, attach documents, or snap pictures of receipts with your smartphone. Shoeboxed can automatically digitize, categorize, and report-ize? your receipts to keep or submit for documentation purposes. No need to carry around all those crumpled-up receipts.

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    Probably the most rewarding experience you get from attending conferences like BlogHer is meeting your social media folk for the first time, meeting new interesting people, and networking for future opportunities. Evernote Hello for iOS and Android is the best way to capture contact information. Hello provides a simple interface to record contact information, snap an up-to-date image, or scan business cards to auto-populate contact information (iOS only).


    Hello goes the extra mile and adds context to your contacts by letting you record where you met them, when you met them, and jot notes about your meeting, in addition to Linking Facebook or LinkedIn for a more complete contact profile. You can even quickly send your contact information in return via email if you manage to run out of cards during BlogHer. It all magically syncs with your Evernote account…And don't get me started on why you need to be using Evernote.

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    Thousands of people will be in the building in attendance for BlogHer. So while meeting new people is cool, you also look forward to linking up with your "crew". Voxer for iOS, Android, and Windows Phone is a group messaging app that adds quick, walkie-talkie voice messaging to your group chats, reminiscent of those Nextel Push-To-Talk "chirping" days of old. Simply hold the button and send almost instant voice chats back and forth to rally the troops.

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    BlogHer '13 QR code

    If you're a frequent user, or have no clue what they are or what they do, there is no doubt that QR codes will be everywhere at BlogHer. You might as well have a solid QR code reader on your smartphone. Here are my picks per platform.


    Optiscan for iOS is not a free app, but it's the most powerful of all the QR code apps I've used. Scanning codes is stupid-fast, and it also lets you quickly create and share codes right on the spot. You can also browse your scan history and save contacts for quick access later.


    Barcode Scanner for Android is a free app that not only scans QR codes, but lets you quickly share contacts and apps via QR code. Barcode Scanner can also scan UPC product codes as well so you can look up prices and read reviews of all that BlogHer swag.


    The built-in search function for Windows Phone does the job of scanning Microsoft Tags and QR codes without using any external apps. Simply press the search button and then tap the "vision" button (little eye) to start scanning.


    The pre-installed Smart Tags app for BlackBerry 10 can quickly scan QR codes and NFC tags, for those "U fancy huh" geeky BlogHer attendees who added NFC to their business cards. 

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    This oldie but goodie is still a valuable tool to help you explore the Chicagoland area if you're looking to hang outside of the BlogHer festivities. Foursquare has moved away from the gimmicky badges and towards presenting users with a ton of location-based information that's essential if you're not familiar with where to go or what to do.


    Foursquare can also be used within the BlogHer atmosphere as well. As fellow Babble Tech contributor Leticia Barr stated "It helps me find those that I want to meet up with efficiently, since it can be hard to find others at BlogHer"

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    There is no doubt in my mind that you will take a ton of pics with your phone's camera, upload images to Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, and record video of all the awesome things going down during BlogHer. "What happens at BlogHer…usually gets plastered all over the web."


    Ptch for iOS is a good way pull in all your images and videos shared across social media to quickly create a slideshow movie, complete with dope effects, themes, music and captions. Your Ptch can then be shared via you social networks.

Any suggestions? Drop a line in the comments including your go-to app for surviving BlogHer ’13

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