11 Hot Tech Trends at CES

Each January, gadget lovers look forward to new products announced at the Consumer Electronics Showcase and these are among some of the latest and greatest tech trends at CES this year. These trends all had a strong showing by exhibitors on the vast CES convention floor, and here are some of the most interesting devices that I found, definitely worth keeping an eye out for in 2014 and beyond.

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    The most interesting devices being shown on the CES 2014 floor.

  • Wearable Tech — Even for Your Dog 2 of 12

    Wearing your health monitoring device is one of the hottest trends for 2014. Instead of clipping a device that will only count steps, the newest wearables aim to be more fashionable while monitoring your life, to provide real data to help you make lifestyle changes. Products to watch include Polar Loop, a band-like wearable that will monitor your heart rate using Polar's well-known biometrics technology even when swimming, Garmin VivoFit that features interchangeable bands and a 1 year battery, Sony's SmartWear which is designed to record your life via the LifeLog app, and Basis, a health tracker with a friendly user interface and claims the most data sensors of all the wearables currently on the market. If you're looking to monitor the health of your dog, Voyce can help you better understand your dog's health through a wearable collar!

  • Smartphone Accessories 3 of 12

    There was no shortage of smartphone accessories at CES but standouts include OlloClip, who introduced a 4 in 1 iPhone lens system that puts the power of a fisheye, wide angle, 10x macro, and 15x macro in your pocket to transform your iPhone's camera into a more robust tool for capturing your life. Also spotted were fashionable and functional cases from companies like Dog and Bone, who previewed a slim line of protective battery cases that provide protection while recharging your iPhone without the bulk that will be out later this year. For outdoorsy types, LifeProof unveiled four Realtree nature/camo patterns that blend in with the environment so well that you wouldn't want to lose your phone in the woods for fear you might not find it again. For all the students out there, iHome displayed a case that snaps off to serve as shape stencils for all of your geometry drawing needs.

  • Devices that Multitask 4 of 12

    Having a single application show on the screen is so 2013. Samsung announced the Galaxy Tab Pro, the next generation of the beloved Galaxy Tab that features the ability to run multiple applications right from the home screen and a magazine format that users page through to find the content they want. The Galaxy Pro Tab comes in a 12.2", 10" and 8" size. 

  • Multimode Devices for the Family 5 of 12

    Remember the old days of sitting around the kitchen table and playing a board game or thumbing through a photo album of family photos? Lenovo Horizon 2 is an impressive 27" multimode table touch PC that converts from a horizontal tabletop device to one that can be stood up to serve as a workstation or for viewing streamed content. In its horizontal form, families can sit down to play a game like air hockey together, share photos between Android devices by simply placing their phones on the Horizon, and siblings can access a coloring app to color together on the giant screen.

  • Ultra High Definition TVs for Your Viewing Pleasure 6 of 12

    If you haven't upgraded your home television to a high definition TV (HDTV), skip the HDTV and go straight to the 4K ultra high definition (UHD) displays that feature gorgeous colors and 4000 pixels per square inch for the most vivid display to date. Samsung, Panasonic, LG, and Sony were among some of the companies showcasing 4K TVs at CES this year.

  • Curved TVs 7 of 12

    Not only are televisions more vibrant but they're also curved, rather than flat. This new trend is supposed to be a more immersive viewing experience with a design that helps to eliminate glare when viewed at any angle. It's hard to say whether curved TVs will become mainstream or go by the way of the 3D TV trend that was hot a few years ago. Samsung, Panasonic, and Haier featured impressive displays of curved TVs on the CES floor.

  • Bump to Share with Near Field Communication 8 of 12

    Move over Bluetooth, Near Field Communication (NFC) is the new way to connect devices with just a touch. NFC allows users to say goodbye to cords because the action of tapping your NFC devices pairs them together so photos can be shared almost instantly. The photo above shows how easy it is to transfer a photo from the new Samsung Galaxy Camera 2 to your NFC smartphone. 

  • Smarter Home 9 of 12

    With goals of streamlining life at home, companies are creating products that integrate into our lifestyles. Perfect for parents, the Goji Smart Lock is a deadbolt you can unlock via an app with an embedded camera that can snap a photo of a family member, nanny, house cleaner, etc. as they and text you with the photo of the person who just entered your home. And don't worry- it also still works with a key just in case.

    Images courtesy of Goji

  • Multimedia Entertainment Hubs for Home and on the Go 10 of 12

    As we consume content across devices, we want those devices to work together. Lenovo's introduction of the Beacon brings together home entertainment by allowing users to store, share, sync, and stream it through the cloud. The Lenovo Beacon will be available in April 2014 for $199.  Need a product to provide content on the go? SanDisk displayed the highly portable 64GB Wireless Media Drive designed to store and stream content from anywhere and at any time.

  • Products to Organize Your Cords 11 of 12

    With all these devices and their associated cords, companies are helping us get organized and prevent the tangles that come with carrying too much tech. I loved discovering the Cord Tacos ($29.99 for 5) and Corditos ($39.99) by This is Ground. Not only are the product names fun but this innovative design helps organize ear buds or a single charging cord in the Cord Taco by winding it around your hand and snapping it in the taco. Have more cords? The Cordito cord wrap holds 3 cables & 2 plugs in the buttery soft leather.

  • More Action Cameras on the Market 12 of 12

    We're a society that likes to capture the many things we're doing for posterity or for sharing on our social networks. GoPro's innovative still and video high definition cameras have been so well received that other companies are entering the space, trying to take action imaging to the next level.  Ones to watch include Geonaute who launched a 360 degree camera at CES and the new iON Air Pro 3 WiFi ($349.99) makes it easy to capture and share via wifi connectivity while also featuring free cloud storage for all of your action video. 

    Image courtesy of iON

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