12 Best Gifts for Every Kind of Geek

These days there’s nothing wrong with being a geek — so celebrate geeky tendencies by giving the best gifts for every kind of geek this holiday season. Whether friends and loved ones are Star Wars fanatics, music aficionados, lovers of all things science, or can code circles around everyone else, don’t be afraid to recognize those on your holiday list who let their geek flag fly high — with these unique gifts.

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    Find the perfect gift for every geeky person you love this holiday season.

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    Know someone where everything has to be just right to the millimeter? The OCD Obsessive Chef Cutting Board ($25) can assist them in making sure their half-inch dice truly measures up.

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    Someone who is a little obsessive about their wifi needs a reliable connection at all times. You could get them with a traditional hotspot, but it's so much more James Bond cool to have covert wifi in your cufflinks — thanks to the Wifi Hotspot Cuff Links.

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    We know it can be hard to get gamers up off the couch and to eave their console behind, but perhaps if they had a Nintendo Game Boy-esque Travel Boy Carry On Luggage ($69.99), they'd be more inclined to travel — especially since this head-turning piece of luggage will draw tons of attention from fellow fan boys and girls. Just be sure to leave room in your luggage for the Classic Video Game Controller Ornament Set ($19.99) that makes a great gift for that friend you're visiting.

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    Any fashionable, tech savvy geek knows it's always important to keep your phone charged, and needs Mighty Purse ($95) , a leather clutch that holds all the necessary essentials but also comes with a built in battery that can recharge smartphones to help you always stay charged. The internal LED battery level indicator glows inside your MightyPurse, and shows you how much of a charge you have left before it's time to plug in your purse to get it ready for its next charge.

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    If you can balance equations in your sleep and know the periodic table of elements by heart, the Radioactive Elements Glowing Coaster Set ($19.99) is for you. Set your drink down on radium, plutonium, uranium, or thorium, and the coaster will glow and display the atomic number and isotopic mass that you probably already knew! If chemistry is your thing, you'll also get a kick out of the fact that this gift comes boxed featuring the radioactivity warning symbol!

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    For Lego lovers who also appreciate multitasking, the Build on Brick Mug ($19.99) makes meetings far more interesting, when you add your favorite Legos to the side and bring them along — making your creations the conversation starter at every meeting.

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    Music aficionados won't just listen to music through any old set of headphones, but they'd probably be just fine with a set of Bose QuietComfort 20i Acoustic Noise Cancelling Headphones ($299). This tiny set of headphones delivers the same fine noise cancelling features that Bose is known for while being super comfortable.

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    Be the envy of everyone on your block with your own MakerBot Digitizer Desktop 3D Scanner ($1,399) as you write endless code to turn everything into 3D models, that you can use to wow friends and neighbors.

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    Office supply hoarders will love Spincils, pencils that turn into a top when there's barely any left to write with. Since they're hand turned, they're not the most inexpensive gift, but a pencil that becomes a top when first sharpened is a must-have for anyone who appreciates a good pencil.

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    Fans of the Dark Side will appreciate working at their desk as they watch over Hans Solo encased in Carbonite created by Tom Spina Designs. This one-of-a-kind desk was purchased and sold to benefit charity, but commission Tom Spina to create a one-of-a-kind piece of functional art for your Star Wars fan this holiday season.

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    Architects and Tetris lovers will enjoy reorganizing their Tetris LED Lamp ($39.99) while on conference calls. The colorful pieces stack to form endless creations, and the challenge is to make them fit together perfectly to make them pretend to disappear — because your lamp will actually stick around unlike the 1990s original game!

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    There are those who are grill aficionados , nd then there are those who elevate it to an art form and always have the right tools for everything that goes on their barbecue. Designed for "soldiers of beef," the Tactical Chef Apron ($34.99) is the weapon of choice for those who need to ensure that they're armed with marinades, and grill tools that can be accessed at a moment's notice. There's also a place to keep your phone to Instagram, so you can post a photo of your most recent grill art as soon as it comes off the BBQ.


    And if you're more of a sauce geek, Stirio ($80) automatic pot stirrer will automatically stir you next batch of BBQ sauce as it simmers on the stove, awaiting its application to your next batch of ribs.

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