12 Must Have Apps for Running a Small Business

Over the last 15 years, I have run a handful of small businesses. When I was 19, my husband and I owned a vintage clothing store, we moved and I started a career as a web designer, that led to opening an ecommerce site, which then led to me consulting and contracting. It’s been an endless cycle of small businesses!

This past week, I had a great conversation with a fellow entrepreneur. We laughed at how much our businesses can be streamlined now a days with apps. While the cost of a smartphone or tablet may set you back, it’s still so much more affordable than the business software of yesteryears.

If you are a small business owner, or thinking of starting a small business, here is a list of apps that myself and a few other small business owners put together of must-have apps for running a small business. 

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    If you are a small business owner, check out this list of 12 must have apps for running a small business.

  • Invoice2Go 2 of 13

    Our handyman had me sign an invoice using Invoice 2 Go. I had to learn more about this app after seeing how slick it looked. If you run a business that requires a signed invoice - check out Invoice 2 Go.  It allows you to create a customized receipt, have your customer sign the invoice using your screen (iPad or iPhone), and then will email the receipt to you and your customer.

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  • Appointment Plus 3 of 13

    I haven't used this app yet, but from a friend's recommendation - it looks very useful. If your business requires appointments, Appointment Plus will schedule, cancel, and update appointments on your phone. Also it will store customer contact information, and send out emails and text reminders to help clients remember your appointment!

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  • Google Drive 4 of 13

    Google Drive is essential to make sure my sister and I are on the same page as far as content calendar, schedules, contacts, etc.  We share our docs thru Google Drive, and the Google Drive app allows me access to everything I need by clicking the app's icon!

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  • Hootsuite 5 of 13

    Since both my sister and I have our hands into various social media aspects - we use Hootsuite to help track what each other has done or is doing. Hootsuite allows you to schedule your social media posts, as well as provides reporting analytics on usage.

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  • CamCard 6 of 13

    Never lose a business card again with the CamCard app. This app allows you to snap a photo of a business card and it saves instantly to your phone contacts.  I've used this at a few conferences and makes life much easier when you are looking for a certain business card!

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  • Evernote 7 of 13

    Evernote is on my top 5 app list. While I use it for many personal things, it's regularly used for my small business. I keep notes from all client meetings in Evernote.  I also use it as my virtual notebook, jotting down any ideas that come to mind on the whim. It's fabulous, it's free, and if you aren't using Evernote - DOWNLOAD it!

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  • Facebook Pages Manager 8 of 13

    To maintain her Facebook page, my hairdresser uses the Facebook Pages app. It allows you access and update any Facebook pages that you own. While Facebook Pages isn't all that it could be, it is definitely better than the traditional Facebook app. While you can access your pages from the traditional Facebook app - it's buggy and not made for managing your pages.

    Download Facebook Pages Manager App

  • LinkedIn 9 of 13

    Network, network and NETWORK! We all hear it and the one of the best ways to expand your circles in the business world is LinkedIn. With the LinkedIn app (and notifications on) - you'll never miss anyone's invitation to connect.

    Download LinkedIn App

  • Skype 10 of 13

    Skype has changed the world we live in! Now being hundreds of miles away doesn't prevent you from getting the job or connecting with customers - since we can just turn on Skype and video chat away.

    Download Skype for Mobile

  • Square 11 of 13

    Square is a credit card reader that connects to your iPhone or iPad (or Android).  It processes credit cards and with it, you no longer need the old-school machine that required a phone line and rental fee with contract. While you may pay a slightly higher percentage than you would with a traditional machine (2.75%) - there is no contract, the square reader device is free, and if you don't use it for a few months, you are out nothing and can start back up at anytime! My hairdresser uses Square as well. It's so nice from a customer standpoint also, since Square will email or text you a receipt after your purchase.

  • Wunderlist 12 of 13

    The ultimate to-do list can be kept in the Wunderlist app. This handy app will stay in sync across your iPhone, iPad, and Mac. It's super simple and super helpful in keeping tasks in check.

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  • Fresh Books 13 of 13

    If you are a small business and have gone thru a tax season, you know the importance of keeping good financial records.  Fresh Books is an affordable cloud accounting software that lets you do a multitude of things that are essential to a small business. While you could just use the website, the app is designed for mobile use and allows you to snap photos of your receipts, track your time, invoice, and see your complete account.

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