13 Essential Tech Gifts for the Frequent Traveler

Tech gifts for the frequent traveler help streamline time away from home by maximizing time on the road or in the air to get as much done as possible. Great gifts for these road warriors, who know the inside of their home airports like the back of their hands and have routines associated with their travel, are things that help them be more productive, keep devices charged, and stay connected to colleagues so they can come home and relax at the end of their trip. Here are 13 of the best gifts in a wide range of prices (starting at under $5 up to almost $449) to fit any budget that a frequent traveler will appreciate all year long.

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    13 of the best gifts you could get a frequent traveler for the holidays.

  • Pay-As-You-Go Wifi 2 of 15

    Pay as you go wifi from Karma allows you to be connected when you need to be without having to pay expensive monthly fees. For the price of $99, Karma provides 1 GB of data and additional data can be earned by allowing others to connect to your Karma at the rate of 100 MB per person, up to 8 people at a time. 1 GB of additional data can always be purchased for $14 and it never expires.

    $99 from Karma. Image courtesy of Karma.

  • Cable Organizers 3 of 15

    It's so hard to find the right charger when they're a tangly mess in a bag or backpack. Get organized and color code those many cables for your devices with Cable Keeps or Bobino Cord Wraps. Fish shaped CableKeeps ensure that the plug and USB cord for your iPhone, iPad, or iPad Mini stay together and nicely wrapped while Bobino Cord Wraps come in 3 different sizes for your headphones, USB cords, or laptop cables. Either way you'll say goodbye to the current mess that lives inside your bag!

    CableKeeps are $16 each from NiceByDesign.com. The best selection of Bobino Cord Wraps ($2.95-4.95) can be ordered from their website. Images courtesy of Bobino and NiceByDesign. 

  • Noise Cancelling Headphones 4 of 15

    The secret to surviving flights is being able to filter out the snoring person in the seat next to you, the crying baby at the back of the plane, and even the hum of the jet engine thanks to luxurious headphones like the Soul SL300 Noise Cancelling Headphones by Ludacris that are a music lover and traveler's dream.

    Blue ones pictured above $184.70 from Amazon. Image courtesy of Soul Electronics.

  • Privacy Filters 5 of 15

    Nothing is worse than being on a plane, train, bus, or meeting space and having people peer at your screen at that confidential document, expense report, or movie. 3M Privacy Filters are must-haves for anyone who wants to keep the information on their Mac and PC laptop, iPad, smartphone, or netbook to themselves and away from prying eyes.

    Starting at $16.99 for certain model phones from Amazon. Image courtesy of 3M.

  • Portable Light 6 of 15

    Strangely placed lights in hotel rooms and ones in an airplane are a traveler's nightmare because there's never light exactly where you want it. Pack an ultra-portable BugLit to serve as a hands-free flashlight. It's bendy body means you can bend it to shine the bright LED light just about anywhere.

    Blue, clear, lime, red, blue, black, and pink available from REI for $13 each. Image courtesy of Night Ize.

  • InFlight WiFi Gift Certificate 7 of 15

    Any business traveler knows the pain of not having wifi on a cross country flight and having to deal with the crushing feeling of having to catch up on tons of emails after a cross country flight upon landing at your destination or at home. Avoid the email overload by giving the gift of GoGo that can even let them stream a movie after they get a grip on the email situation.

    Prices begin at $14 for an all day pass to $49/month from GoGoAir.com. Logo courtesy of GoGo.

  • Luggage Locks 8 of 15

    Locking your luggage provides peace of mind while you stash your bag with the bell desk to avoid embarrassment of dragging it to your important meeting. These Master Lock ones are tiny yet provide high security for your suitcase, backpack, or laptop bag.

    Black, blue, red, and silver are $9.21 each from MasterLock.com. Image courtesy of Master Lock.

  • Technology Insurance 9 of 15

    Maybe the digital devices you own belong to your company but it's still a pain if something happens to them and your data when you're away. Asurion backs up your content and provides location services in case it gets lost, security from mobile hackers, and covers your device past the manufacturer's warranty, serving as an insurance policy for your digital devices to help eliminate the hassle of spending precious time on a business trip trying to deal with a replacement.

    For more information, select your carrier on Asurion.com to get pricing information. Image courtesy of FreeDigitalPhotos.net

  • Mini Outlet and Surge Protector 10 of 15

    Outlets are always in high demand in airports so make a friend and kindly ask if you can unplug their plug to replug it into your Belkin Mini Surge Protector Dual USB Charger that features 3 plugs and 2 USB outlets. Having one of these stashed in your carry on ensures that there will be more than enough plugs for you —  and some to share!

    Cost: $10.18 from Amazon.com. Image courtesy of Belkin

  • Skype Gift Card 11 of 15

    Keep in touch with family, colleagues, and friends via Skype, which allows you to call mobile and landlines (yes, some people do still have them!), send texts from Skype to mobile phones, and get online via Skype wifi hotspots around the globe.

    Gift cards are available in amounts beginning at $10 from Skype. Image courtesy of Skype. 

  • External Charger 12 of 15

    Nothing is worse than seeing your device's battery diminish and not having an outlet close by. Solve that problem with an external charger that will keep you going on the go. Mophie's PowerStation Duo juices up your phone, tablet, or other USB devices thanks to dual USB ports while you work so your productivity never comes to a halt.

    Available in black or white for $99.95 from Mophie.com. Image courtesy of Mophie.

  • Full Size Tablet with Great Battery Life 13 of 15

    No one loves to travel with heavy devices and this slim, stylish ASUS Transformer Pad Infinity TF701 Android tablet can transform into a laptop-like device when used with a keyboard dock, making it a great travel companion. Frequent travelers will appreciate the tablet's 13-hour battery life and the additional 4 hours that come with a charged dock, plus the high quality audio.

    The tablet is $449 and the dock sells for $149 from Asus.com. Image courtesy of Asus.

  • Mini Tablet with Long Battery Life 14 of 15

    Using your PC on the go and having access to SkyDrive, OneNote, and all the apps that are on your desktop or laptop just got easier thanks to the nicely sized 8-inch Acer Iconia W3 that fits easily in your bag or purse, for a busy day where you need access to your files but don't want to carry around your regular machine. The MicroSD, MicroUSB, and HDMI allow you to present from it with ease, and 8 hours of battery life helps you travel lighter since you probably won't need a charger during your day of work.

    $305.99 from Target.com. Image courtesy of Acer.

  • Personalized Labels 15 of 15

    Stake claim to chargers that get mixed up with colleagues' and ensure that anything left behind in a hotel room has a chance of making its way back to you with some personalized labels. Available in 2 sizes, Mabel's Labels are self adhesive, durable, and come in two sizes regular or Skinny Minis that can be customized so you can include your Twitter handle, email, or cell phone number along with a favorite icon to make your stuff easy to spot. While you're ordering, get a Basic Kit ($34.95) with a little of everything, including 2 Bag Tags which are perfect for carry on luggage.

    Prices start at $21 for a set from Mabel's Labels. Image courtesy of Mabel's Labels.

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