13 Reasons Xbox One Will Rock Your Living Room

Whether you’re a hard core gamer, one who loves a fun night with the family, or game play with a bunch of friends, the new Xbox One will rock your living room and transform the way you think about entertainment and gaming. The $499 price may seem steep but it includes the Xbox One Console, Kinect Sensor, an Xbox One Controller, HDMI Cable, and Xbox One Chat Headset and delivers an all-in-one entertainment experience that will revolutionize your living room and make you forget about other gaming systems. Here are 13 reasons to love the new Xbox One!

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    It will transform the way you think about entertainment and gaming.

  • All in one entertainment system 2 of 14

    If you think the price is steep, consider that the new Xbox One is a cable box experience and also an Xbox experience, bringing together games, entertainment, and the things you're used to doing on your PC into one seamless experience. Your Tivo runs through your Xbox One, as does your cable signal.

  • Voice commands 3 of 14

    Gone are the days of having to search for the remote control hidden under the couch cushions or taken who-knows-where by the kids. IR Blaster sends signals via voice to control devices so it becomes the center of your living room. Everything can run through it and be controlled by it. All you have to do is preface your requests by saying "Xbox" to activate voice controls. The video on the Xbox One site shows how it works.

  • Incredible graphics 4 of 14

    Known for their graphics cards, AMD has always powered Xbox's graphics but the visual experience on the Xbox One puts the old boxes to shame. Game play is more vivid and now you can Skype in 1080P and conduct a group chat with up to four people. If you're not big on numbers, this means Skype in high definition so the people on the other end of your video chat can see you much more clearly than ever before.

  • Improved Kinect experience 5 of 14

    Groundbreaking Kinect technology has made something awesome even better. Kinect Real Vision uses an active IR camera that can see in the dark, uses wireframe modeling to detect even the slightest player movements, and has a 60% larger field of view to help eliminate the space constraints of past Kinects. Real Motion tracks gestures in a precise fashion while Real Voice focuses on sounds that matter and advanced noise isolation allows Kinect to hone in on player voices.

  • Impulse triggers 6 of 14

    Gaming just got better thanks to Impulse Triggers that provide a more immersive gaming experience. How does it work? When playing a game like Forza Motorsport, you'll feel a rumble in your fingertips as your car careens around the corner.

  • Multitasking wonder 7 of 14

    With a feature called Snap, you can put two things side by side on a screen. Toggle between game play, television, Skype, and more for the ultimate in multitasking.

  • Play anywhere thanks to Xbox Live 8 of 14

    Forget the days of bringing your games over to a friend's house. Simply log into your Xbox Live Gold membership to be able to access your games on a friend's Xbox One to play at their house. Oh, and if you're worried about your Gamertag, it will automatically transfer to your Xbox One when you connect to Xbox Live.

  • Integration with Windows 8.1 9 of 14

    Does that tile pattern look familiar? It should look exactly like your personalized Home screen on your Windows 8.1 device that features a main tile displaying what you were doing last as a quick way to return. You can also pin applications or content from TV shows, Netflix, Hulu, or Xbox Video.

  • Smart search powered by Bing 10 of 14

    Bing Smart Search allows you to search on your Xbox One using controllers or your voice. Browse or search through catalogs or using your voice by saying "Xbox Bing." Xbox One will automatically pull up Internet Explorer if you need something from the web.

  • Game DVR 11 of 14

    Want bragging rights about how you achieved that awesome high score? Game DVR will capture your most recent gameplay to play back so your friends can be in awe. All you need to say is "Xbox record" to preserve your best gaming moments for all posterity.

  • Xbox One Guide 12 of 14

    Xbox One Guide is a programming guide for Xbox users. It pulls in information, artwork, and the progress of the show.

  • Xbox SmartGlass App 13 of 14

    The free Xbox SmartGlass app for Windows 8, Windows Phone, Android, and iOS allows you to use your tablet or phone to extend, enhance, and control what's working on your Xbox One for a cross-screen experience. It's like having a second screen that interacts with your Xbox!

  • Specs 14 of 14

    If you don't need to know anything else than skip this but if you're interested in the specs that make the new Xbox One amazing, know this: Microsoft has built a great entertainment system that's modeled after a PC. It features an 8 core X86 processor for multitasking, lots of memory in the form of 8 GB RAM and a 500 GB hard drive, HDMI in and out to connect to your cable or satellite box, Blu-Ray player, USB 3.0, and also energy saving mode to operate with lower power. Xbox One is available for pre-order and hits shelves on November 22 though early predictions indicate it could sell out.

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