15 Awesome Tech Gadgets for Fall and Winter

I just had to go digging in my office closet for the little portable heater I use to keep toasty in this room. Even though it’s only mid-October, here in Philly we’re having some very cool and rainy days this week. We don’t want to turn on the heat for the whole house yet (and frankly, only the office is this cold because I like to leave the windows bare so I get lots of natural light in here), so a little heater is the way to go.

These cool temps remind me that colder weather is on its way, and that means it is time to start my annual winter prep. I was looking into some winter boots when I stumbled across some battery-operated warming boots and that sent me down a rabbit hole of great tech stuff for fall and winter.  You will love these!

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  • Keep Those Hands Clean! 2 of 16

    Winter means, of course, worries about colds, the flu, and all kinds of illnesses. While we've all gotten in the habit of using gobs of hand sanitizer all winter, this rechargeable little gadget by Electrolux (alas, still in concept mode) will keep you from having cold and smelly hands from the sanitizer. It uses plasma to destroy bacteria and virus. Best of all? No disease resistance to this gadget! Hope it comes out soon.

  • Warming Mouse 3 of 16

    Yep, if you use your mouse a lot while you work, you'll want this little guy. It's just a bit warm to the touch, and helps keep your fingers cosy while you work. No help for your non-mouse hand, sadly. $59 at Warm Me.

  • Pebble Pro Charger 4 of 16

    The cold definitely saps the battery life of our favorite devices. The Pebble Pro portable battery will charge pretty much anything that uses a USB cord, and is great year round too. I can't wait to get one of these for next year's conference travel!  $81 at Amazon.

  • Surge Protector 5 of 16

    If you're like me and adding electric heaters to your space, you might want to upgrade your surge protectors. I love the Belkin surge protectors because they not only offer traditional outlets, but also USB ports. PLUS they are designed to swivel, so no pile of cords on the floor (this is why I covet these!). $28 at Amazon.

  • Hot Rod Heated Travel Mug 6 of 16

    If you've got a long commute and want to keep your coffee at the ideal temperature, well, this mug is for you. It plugs into your car's cigarette lighter, and with that awesome handle, you can easily grab it on the go. Plus it's totally steam punk, right? $25 at Think Geek.

  • Mug Warmer 7 of 16

    Everyone needs one of these at their desk, right? And best of all, this one works via USB port. Perfect for coffee, mint tea (what, just me?), or even hot chocolate. Best of all, it's less than $2 at Amazon.

  • USB Heating Gloves 8 of 16

    If your hands get chilly while you're working, you'll love these gloves that offer a heating pad warmed via USB port to keep you toasty. Plus they are kind of adorable. $20 at USB Geek.

  • Side Mirror Visors 9 of 16

    Okay, not super techy, but still: why wasn't this invented sooner? I hate the way snow and rain limits my visibility on my side mirrors. These inexpensive and easy to install visors will make driving in the winter so much easier! Visibility is well worth the $6 you'll pay for a pair at Fancy.

  • Little Bits 10 of 16

    If you've got antsy kids trapped in the house on a snow day, Little Bits is the perfect solution. This amazing toy/game offers circuit board modules that allow kids to build something that actually DOES something. Super awesome introduction to basic engineering! Kits range from $99 to $199.

  • Self-Warming Boots 11 of 16

    I love to hike, and yes, even in winter. But while wearing wool socks and moving around a lot can keep your body warm, there isn't that much that can fight off cold toes until now. Columbia offers not only boots that use a heat-reflective insulated liner that uses your body's own heat to keep you warm, they also offer this same material in coats, base layer clothes, and more. Very cool. Price vary, but pictured boots are $120.

  • Smart Touch Gloves 12 of 16

    Gloves are great for keeping your hands warm, but annoying when you need to use your smartphone while outside. Luckily, there are plenty of gloves that offer a finger tip material that makes it possible to use your phone without removing your gloves. I've tried a bunch of different brands, and the NuTouch gloves are my favorite by far, and cost less that $11.

  • Dyson Hot and Cool 13 of 16

    I'll admit it I do not get how this thing works. How can it possibly blow air without fan blades? But it does, and it not only blows cool air in the summer it also helps keep you warm. Best of all, it does this without heating elements or blades that can damage little fingers. It is, however, pretty pricey at nearly $400.

  • Stadler Form ANTON Ultrasonic Humidifier 14 of 16

    I routinely use a cold humidifier in the winter since our house gets so dry (even with radiator heat). But the one I've been using is prone to mold, sadly, and that's why I've got my eye on this ultrasonic humidifier that prevents that from happening. Plus it's beautiful and comes in a wide variety of colors so it won't look out of place. Love! $140 at Stadler.

  • Casamita Portable Humidifier 15 of 16

    Winter and fall not only mean cold air, they mean dry air too. This utterly adorable little humidifier fits right on top of a standard water bottle and is powered by either batteries or a USB port. Perfect for tossing into your suitcase, since after all, hotel rooms have the driest air in the universe. And isn't the smoke coming out of the chimney the cutest thing? $25 at Umbra.

  • Dry Guy Thermanator Boot and Shoe Dryer 16 of 16

    I LOVE THIS. Again, not that tech oriented, but if you've been out playing in the cold and wet weather, even the best shoes can end up getting a bit on the wet side. With this gadget, you can easily pop two pairs of shoes on and get them both warm and dry right quick. Just think about how awesome it would be to don warm boots on a snowy day... $50 at Amazon.

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