15 Jewelry and Accessories for the Social Media Obsessed

Can you not eat a meal without Instagramming it? Do you check in on Facebook or Foursquare anytime you go somewhere that your friends would envy? Has a day gone by where you haven’t sent a tweet tweet? Fret not social media addict, there are many of us and you are in good company!

Show your social media love with these 15 fun jewelry and accessory pieces all inspired by you guessed it, social media! Not for you? then what about a friend! We all know that person who can’t stop tweeting and posting photos of Facebook , use these as potential gift ideas!

  • Social Media Jewelry & Accessories 1 of 16

    Show that social media love with this collection of jewelry and accessories. 

  • Facebook Like Necklace 2 of 16

    Give a thumbs up to the world with this Facebook like necklace.  It features a gold-filled chain and brass LIKE pendant. 

    Purchase on Etsy, $52

  • Hashtag Earrings 3 of 16

    Hash tag these on your ears! Handmade of sterling silver. 

    Purchase on Etsy, $35


  • Instagram Necklace 4 of 16

    Instagrammers, wear your addiction around your neck with this Instagram pendant necklace.

    Purchase from Etsy, $13

  • Hashtag Flair 5 of 16

    Express yourself with these flairs featuring fun hashtags. 

    Purchase on Etsy, $6

  • Like Keychain 6 of 16

    An aluminum keychain handstamped with the thumbs up like button and the words "a boss".

    Purchase on Etsy, $13

  • Twitter Name Bracelet 7 of 16

    This handmade adjustable bracelet is personalized with your Twitter handle.  I

    Purchase on Etsy, $30

  • QR Code Necklace 8 of 16

    Customizable QR code necklace. Customize this with a website link, a photo, phrase or a secret. 

    Purchase on Etsy, $14



  • Twitter Bird Necklace 9 of 16

    Darling custom hand stamped Twitter bird with your twitter handle stamped on it.  

    Purchase on Etsy, $19.99


  • Reddit Alien Necklace 10 of 16

    Show your Reddit love with this sterling silver Reddit alien. 

    Purchase on Etsy, $45


  • Twitter Charm Bracelet 11 of 16

    This sweet Twitter bird charm bracelet features imitation letter with a silver branch and bird. 

    Purchase on Etsy, $5.99


  • Social Media Cufflinks 12 of 16

    Show your social media love with cufflinks! 

    Purchase on Etsy, $16.99


  • QR Brooch 13 of 16

    A brooch for 2013 featuring a QR code!

    Purchase on Etsy, $16.99


  • Tumblr Bead Bracelet 14 of 16

    Made with pony beads and a stretch magic cord - this Tumblr bracelet from KatyDidMischief exudes Tumblr pride.

    Purchase on Etsy, $2

  • Twitter Ring 15 of 16

    Put a bird on it! Check out this Twitter ring featuring the infamous Twitter bird. 

    Purchase on Etsy, $5.06

  • Twitter Acrylic Necklace 16 of 16

    This handmade necklace can be custom ordered featuring your twitter name or favorite hashtag. 

    Purchase on Etsy, $19

Social media jewelry, yay or nah?

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Article Posted 3 years Ago

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