15 Top Tweets from Twitter IPO

Twitter’s IPO on the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) is a hot topic as industry analysts wondered if it would be worth buying, investors considered purchasing, and AP News reported that officials in charge of Twitter’s stock debut admitted to “being a little nervous.” The opening bell sounded with shares priced at $26 and within minutes, climbed to $45. With lots of eyes on the Twitter IPO, of course there’s lots of chatter on Twitter — it can all be found under #twtrIPO. Here are 15 of the best tweets leading up to the IPO, and as the bell sounded, captured in 140 characters, of course!

  • 15 Top Tweets from the Twitter IPO 1 of 16

    Here's what was being said in 140 characters!

  • How much is a Tweet worth? 2 of 16

    Potential buyers wonder how much is a Tweet is worth the night before Twitter goes public.

  • Twitter pricing set 3 of 16

    The initial public offering for Twitter was set at $26.

  • Predictions 4 of 16

    How high will Twitter shares go on the first day as a publicly traded company?

  • To buy or not to buy? 5 of 16

    Will the Twitter IPO go the way of Facebook's? Buyers wonder leading up to the bell ringing at the New York Stock Exchange.

  • On the eve of Twitter’s IPO 6 of 16

    The Twitter bird flies at the New York Stock Exchange.

  • Twitter musings 7 of 16

    A Twitter user muses via 140 characters about the company's business model.

  • The bell sounds 8 of 16

    Twitter is aflutter as industry analysts and Twitter users wait to watch what happens on the first day of trading.

  • Ouch! 9 of 16

    One could say that any IPO of a social media company should be better than Facebook's dismal performance.

  • IPO skeptics 10 of 16

    Some users think that the company's time would be better spent thwarting hackers than going public.

  • How much did employees earn today? 11 of 16

    Early employees are now worth millions, perhaps even billions, thanks to the value of their stock options.

  • Looking promising 12 of 16

    In just a screenshot, it's easy to see how well Twitter's stock performed right out of the gate!

  • Will I or won’t I make some money? 13 of 16

    A buyer speculates on the future of his shares.

  • Dollar vs Hashtags 14 of 16

    Notice how this tweet replaces the hashtag with the dollar sign. Perhaps this could be a new way to search and tag!

  • Good advice! 15 of 16

    Hopefully @Roblosophy bought their own birthday present in the form of some Twitter stock after tweeting this out!

  • Publicly traded tweets 16 of 16

    Well said!

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