17 Bloggers Reveal Their Favorite WordPress Plugins

There are thousands of WordPress plugins – but which ones are best to use? As someone who has been in the blog creating business for a while, I am still learning about new plugins every day that can help simplify and better the blogs that I work on.

Curious as to what other bloggers are using, I asked several blog friends what their favorites were. I was shocked to find that there were few overlapping answers.  See what their favorite WordPress plugins are, below:

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    Finding the right WordPress plugin can be painful. 17 bloggers reveal what their favorite WordPress plugins are - here what they have to say!

  • WordPress SEO 2 of 18

    Jana from Coffee and Giggles and Jennifer at Town and Country Living recommend Yoast's WordPress SEO Plugin.

    The WordPress SEO plugin is great for everyone from skilled experts to the SEO clueless. At the bottom of each of your posts, this plugin gives you a form to fill out (post title, keyword, meta info) which acts as a checklist to ensure your posts are SEO friendly.

    Learn more about WordPress SEO Plugin

  • Anti-Malware 3 of 18

    Cris from My Fashion Juice recommends Anti-Malware by ELI.

    She says she has been hacked twice and this has helped her get back up and running. As someone who has suffered from a Malware attack, I'm keeping this plugin bookmarked!

    Learn more about Anti-Malware by ELI

  • The Event Calendar 4 of 18

    Dallas Socials recommends The Events Calendar.

    I run a hyper local community site and have just installed this plugin. It works fabulous right out of the box! There are premium extensions available that allow you to post events from the plugin to Facebook as well as give other people access to enter their own events.

    Learn more about The Events Calendar

  • Flare 5 of 18

    Staci from 7 on a Shoestring recommends Flare.

    Flare is a social sharing bar that shows you how many interactions (which they call flares) that your post or page has received. It's clean and offers various styles to compliment any blog.

    Learn more about Flare

  • Squirrley 6 of 18

    LaTrice from Untidy Clean Freak recommends SQUIRRLY.

    Optimize your SEO content and receive an SEO audit from this plugin. While Squirrly has a paid plugin that starts at $9.99 - there is a free version of this plugin as well. The premium version allows you to measure your progress and gives you 30 optimizations with a live assistant.

    Learn more about Squirrly

  • Comment Reply Notification 7 of 18

    Carrie from Carrie Elle recommends Comment Reply Notification.

    If you are looking to increase comment engagement on your blog, the Comment Reply Notification will do just that!  This WP plugin gives users who comment on your blog the option to receive an email when someone replies to their comment. This is a great way to get a good conversation going on your blog.

    Learn more about Comment Reply Notification

  • Post Templates 8 of 18

    Dian from Grocery Shop for Free recommends Post Templates.

    If you write similar posts over and over, the Post Templates blog will help speed up your process by allowing you to create templates for your posts or pages.  This is a premium plugin that will set you back 8 euro or approximately $10.80.

    Learn more about Post Templates

  • WordPress Editorial Calendar 9 of 18

    Lip Gloss and High Heels recommends WordPress Editorial Calendar.

    I personally use the WordPress Editorial Calendar plugin as well. It's great at getting a big picture view of what you have posted when. I use it to see what holes I have and is good to look back on to see what works and what didn't.

    Learn more about WordPress Editorial Calendar

  • Limit Login Attempts 10 of 18

    Denise from Effortless Mom recommends Limit Login Attempt.

    Limit Login Attempt limits the amount of times you can attempt to login to your account. If you have been hacked (or not!) this plugin can come in super handy acting as a security system for your blog backend. The Limit Login Attempt plugin not only limits the retry attempts on logging in for each IP, it informs the user the remaining amount or retries, as well as the lock out time on the login page.

    Learn more about Limit Login Attempts

  • Pinterest RSS Feed 11 of 18

    Jeanette from Snazzy Little Things recommends Pinterest RSS Feed.

    The Pinterest RSS Feed plugin is a widget that allows you to display your latest pins. You can show the description below the image, set the height and width of you pin thumbnail, as well as show the official "Follow Me on Pinterest" button below your pins. It's a plugin chock full of Pinterest goodness!

    Learn more about Pinterest RSS Feed

  • Ultimate No Follow 12 of 18

    Summer from Dirty Floor Diaries recommends Ultimate NoFollow.

    When I asked about what her favorite plugin was, Summer mentioned Ultimate NoFollow because code makes her dizzy. I hear you Summer! With the Ultimate NoFollow plugin - no more having to manually type "rel=nofollow". When you are entering a URL, you are prompted if you want to add the nofollow code or keep it as follow. Simple, easy, I love it!

    Learn more about Ultimate NoFollow

  • Catablog 13 of 18

    Jen from Girl in the Garage recommends Catablog.

    If you are looking to make a gift guide this plugin would work fabulous. Catablog allows you to create stores, catalogs and galleries easily for your blog and the output looks sharp!

    Learn more about Catablog

  • Tweetily 14 of 18

    Melissa from Serendipity and Spice recommends Tweetily.

    Tweetily tweets your post automatically. You can schedule how many, when and type of content to share, and this plugin will do it!

    Learn more about Tweetily

  • Anti-Spam 15 of 18

    Jenn from JennsRAQ recommends Anti-Spam.

    There is nothing more annoying than spam comments! Anti-spam will block spam comments automatically.

    Learn more about Anti-Spam

  • ZipList 16 of 18

    Paula from Call Me PMC recommends Ziplist.

    Ziplist is a recipe WordPress plugin that make your recipes SEO-friendly and more likely to appear in Google's Recipe View search.  If you are a food blogger, the Ziplist plugin is a must!

    Learn more about Ziplist

  • WP Super Cache 17 of 18

    Dawn at The Frugal Mom recommends WP Super Cache.

    WP Super Cache plugin generates static HTML files from your blog that your webserver will serve instead of processing the heavier WordPress PHP scripts. In short, it quickens the load of your websites, which is awesome.

    Just a note from personal experience, when working with a client on a blog design, make sure WP Super Cache is turned off. This will make sure everyone is seeing updates.

    Learn more about WP Super Cache

  • Magic Action Box 18 of 18

    My favorite new plugin find is the Action Magic Box. It will take your forms such as email sign-up and make them pretty! While there is a premium version, I'm just using the free version. If you are a Gravity Form user, it works with that plugin as well!

    View the plugin at

    Learn more about Magic Action Box 

What are your must have WordPress Plugins?

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