20 Christmas Gift Ideas for Digital Moms

Christmas is just a few weeks away! Are you looking for a few things to put on your Christmas list? Maybe you are in search of a special gift? Either way, we have scoured the internet and pulled together a great list of Christmas gift ideas for the connected mom in your life.

From a smart device that will let you control your garage door from wherever, to a bag that is made for carrying technology, check out these 20 gifts ideas for the digital mom.

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    What does the connected mom want for Christmas this year? Check out our list of 20 Christmas gifts for digital moms!

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  • DSLR Camera 2 of 21

    Capturing moments with your phone is great, but for awesome quality — nothing compares to a DSLR Camera. For entry level DSLR uses, check out the Canon Rebel T5i.

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  • Ephiphanie Bag 3 of 21

    It's a purse, it's a camera bag, it carries your iPad - it's an Epiphanie bag! Epiphanie has a gorgeous line of multi-use bags that are ideal for moms.  The bag shown above is the Lyric.

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  • Power Stick 4 of 21

    This is the magic powerstick. This cute device easily fits in your purse and works as an external battery. 

    A single USB port and corresponding cable with micro to USB connections lets you charge a variety of devices seamlessly. This cable can also be used to charge the Magicstick from any high current USB port. A single button illuminates when pressed and shows the power capacity via a colored LED light, so you know at a glance how much charge is left. 

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  • Optrix PhotoX Phone Case 5 of 21

    If you are a mom who loves to take photos and lets your kids play with your phone, then this is something you will love! The Optrix PhotoX phone case provides a hard usable shell of a case for your phone that is waterproof and drop proof (and is under $100!) Another bonus, professional grade macro and low profile, but also offers 0Ëš lenses included with the case.

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  • iRobot Scooba 6 of 21

    What mom has time for mopping? I KNOW this mom doesn't (and even if I did, I'd find some other way to spend my time). With iRobot Scooba, mopping is something the robot does.  The Scooba is a floor washing system that cleans tight, hard-to-reach spaces — including around toilets and under cabinets. With its three-stage cleaning process, it neutralizes up to 97 percent of common household bacteria. Santa, please...

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  • Chromecast 7 of 21

    A few months ago, we purchased a Google Chromecast. This little device plugs into your television and lets you stream online videos, music, and more from your smartphone, tablet, or laptop. It's super easy to set up. Very affordable at just $35 and has provided us hours of entertainment. My husband and I love this — while we have a smart TV, the Chromecast allows us to share to the tv from our computers. We spend hours each week LOL-ing at viral videos we find — watching on the TV is so much better than on the laptop, phone, or tablet!

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  • SONOS Wireless Speaker 8 of 21

    Listen to your music library anywhere in the house with the SONOS wireless speaker. My sister has one of these and the sound is amazing. She uses it outside next to the pool, but it can easily be moved anywhere in the house.

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  • USB Heated Blanket 9 of 21

    Stay warm with this USB heated blanket. It uses one USB port for the low setting, and two ports for high. Perfect for those who work in chilly offices!

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  • iPad Mini 10 of 21

    Everything you love about the iPad, but now in a tablet that can easily fit into any purse. Choose from space grey or silver, a variety of storage sizes, and whether you want Wi-Fi or Wi-Fi and cellular.

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  • Hoodie Laptop Sleeve 11 of 21

    Talk about a fun laptop sleeve! Check out this hoodie laptop sleeve (that also has room to hold your iPad!). This case looks just like the soft comfy hoodie that you love and adore. Zip your laptop and iPad up in style!

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  • Kwikset Kevo 12 of 21

    Never have to worry about having your keys again! With the Kwikset KEVO, your smart phone is your key. You can also send virtual keys to family members, and it installs with just a screwdriver!

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  • Noise Canceling Headphones 13 of 21

    Hear nothing but what you want to hear with these Logitech US6000 headphones. The noise canceling will ensure nothing else is heard, but if you do want to share the sounds — these headphones come with a shareable splitter. 

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  • FitBit Flex 14 of 21

    The FitBit Flex is the ultimate activity monitor. This device will track your steps and calories burned, as well as your sleep, and will keep track of it all on your smartphone. The FitBit is water resistant and can be submerged up to 10 meters. 

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  • MyQ Universal Garage Door Controller 15 of 21

    Have you ever been stuck without a garage door controller? I have and it is so super annoying! Chamberlain's myQ Universal Smartphone Garage Door Controller allows you to remotely see if your garage door is open from anywhere. You can open and close the door from the app.  The myQ installs in minutes and works with your home's WI-FI.

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  • StickNFind 16 of 21

    Is there something that you repeatedly lose and wish you could just use your phone to find?  (Or maybe your kid loses, like their favorite teddy bear?)  With the StickNFind, you just stick the StickNFind device on the item you don't want to lose and when it comes time to find it, you launch the app. StickNFind Stickers have a Range of about 100 ft., with a battery that lasts up to a year. The StickNFind uses a standard watch battery, so it is easy to replace.

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  • Standing Desk 17 of 21

    The whole sitting while you work is apparently taking a toll on our bodies (check out the dangers of sitting). The Varidesk is a standing desk that is affordable and is easy to use, allowing you to work either sitting or standing. Switching from sitting to standing leads to better overall health and productivity. 

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  • NeatDesk 18 of 21

    Looking to go paperless? The NeatDesk is the ultimate tool for paperless living. NeatDesk is a high-speed desktop scanner and Digital Filing System. This isn't your typical photo scanner. The NeatDesk will scan receipts, business cards, and documents in one batch, while the software identifies, extracts, and organizes key information. 

    As a mom sick of paper clutter, the NeatDesk is on my list!

    Buy at NeatDesk

  • AirFrame 19 of 21

    The Airframe is a portable car mount that easily mounts your smart phone onto your vehicle's air vent. No texting and driving, people, but this will ensure you know where your phone is, easily allow you to see maps when using GPS, and provide easy viewing when using hands-free features. 

    Buy at Kenu

  • Towel Warmer 20 of 21

    Many years ago, my mother-in-law bought me a towel warmer and it was fabulous getting out of the shower and having a warm towel waiting for you. This towel warmer from Brookstone will warm 2 towels in 2 minutes. It will also warm a robe, blanket or mittens!

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  • Digital Photo Frame 21 of 21

    Several years ago, we purchased my husband's mom a CEIVA digital picture frame. She still uses it today. What makes this photo frame so great is that you can send photos to the frame. We've had fun over the years sending somewhat inappropriate pictures to it and them showing up on her mantle. We keep it clean - for the most part.

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What Technology Item is On Your Christmas Gift List This Year?

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