20 CrowdFund Tech Gadgets That Will Make You Say WOW!

Another day and another Kickstarter funded. I am continually amazed at the way crowdfunding works. People come up with an idea and want to make it happen so with the help of others, their dreams can be made possible.

Some of the most interesting crowdfunding projects are in the world of tech. From smart socks to smart locks, check out what the future could hold with these amazing tech gadgets!

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    tech gadgets

    Prepared to be WOWed with these amazing tech inventions that are looking for or have been recently funded by crowdfunding. 

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    smart lock

    Goji smart lock will have you looking down on your current standard door lock.  With Goji, you manage access to your door thru your smart phone.   Goji can even be setup to unlock you door automatically when you approach the door.  Don't worry there are back-up keys should your wifi go down.  The other cool thing is you can setup guest keys, so if you need to give your mom a key - no problem, you can setup how long her key lasts.  Goji also has a camera to show you who is at your door.

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    3D Doodler

    The 3Doodler is the first 3D printing pen.  You've seen the 3D printers, now there is a pen that you can basically doodle in 3D! Crazy, I know. I saw this demo'd on Anderson Cooper and was baffled.

    3Doodler is the world's first and only 3D Printing Pen. Using ABS plastic (the material used by many 3D printers), 3Doodler draws in the air or on surfaces. It's compact and easy to use, and requires no software or computers. You just plug it into a power socket and can start drawing anything within minutes.

    The 3Doodler set out to raise $30,000 and raise $2,344,134 with 26,457 backers.

    Via 3Doodler on Kickstarter

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    Oculus Rift is a developer kit for the first truly immersive virtual reality headset for video games.

    The Rift takes 3D gaming to the next level. There are a number of VR headsets out there, but none that deliver a truly immersive gaming experience. Most products either lack the technical features required for believable immersion or sit at a very high price-point ($20,000+) reserved for the military or scientific community. 

    We set out to change all that with the Rift, which is designed to maximize immersion, comfort, and pure, uninhibited fun, at a price everyone can afford.

    Oculus Rift set out to raise $250,000.  During their month long crowdfunding campaign, they were able to raise $2,437,429 from 9,522 backers.

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    MUSE: The Brain-Sensing Headband that lets you control things with your mind. Makes you wanna learn more, right?  Here is what the developers say about this sci-fi like invention:

    Introducing Muse, our brainwave-sensing headband.

    It's a comfortable, sleek, four-sensor headband that allows you to control applications, games, reduce stress, improve memory and concentration, and eventually to control devices directly with your mind.  

    Muse measures your brainwaves in real-time. It sends those brainwaves to your smart phone or tablet showing you how well your brain is performing; and also translates your brainwaves into instructions to interact with content on your iOS or Android device.

    The neat thing is every time you use your brain with Muse and one of our applications, you're strengthening it.  And that will let you do more with your mind than you ever thought possible.

    Muse set out to raise $150,000, they raised $287,472!

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    The PowerCycle is a USB battery pack that can be charged via a bicycle dynamo. 

    PowerCycle's internal battery can fully charge a latest-generation smartphone with a 4" or larger screen about twice, which should translate to a about 20 additional hours of talk time. Users with iPhones, smaller screen smartphones or older models without an extended battery can reach between three to four full phone charges, or about 30 additional hours of talk time. Current generation portable gaming devices such as the PS Vita or 3DS can fully charge at least twice, translating to an additional 7 to 12 hours of gameplay.

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    Handibot is a portable tool that runs from apps on smartphones, tablets or PCs.

    Handibot tools have amazing cutting and machining capabilities, yet their potential to empower the widest utilization will depend on the availability and convenience of a range of software applications. These applications will be tailored for the work at hand, to specific tasks, jobs, and projects. They will be "apps" or small programs that you will purchase and download to your smart phone, tablet, or PC an app will have a single purpose and be ready to do one job after you enter a few settings. As a simple illustration, imagine an app for cutting holes of any size (from fractions to feet)

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    ivee Sleek is a Wi-Fi Voice-Activated Assistant for your home. This little device is more than Siri, though she can do some of the same things as her. ivee will be able to connect to your home appliances.  This device will be able to control your smart vacuum or your Nest thermostat all thru voice.

    ivee Sleek is the first Wi-Fi Voice-Activated Assistant for the home that helps you manage and control your connected devices without any hands. In addition, ivee helps you set reminders, wakes you up on time, and even fetches live Internet content (like weather, stocks, and news) that is relevant to you. Our goal is to create a simpler and more natural way of interfacing with the Internet and your smart home.

    ivee Sleek set out to raise $40,000 and raised $159,606 with 901 backers.

    pledged of $40,000 goal

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    Kreyos Meteor is the first interactive smartwatch that lets you use voice and gestures to control the functions you love on your smartphone.

    The Kreyos Meteor is a hands-free, two-way communication system that you wear on your wrist. On your belt. On your bike. Or even on a lanyard around your neck.

    Because it is light and portable, it's easy to wear while on the move whether you're on a long bike ride or a short-trip to the grocery store.

    For the first time ever, you now will have hands-free control over the powerhouse mini-computer that sits in your pocket.

    With an initial goal of $100,000 - Kreyos' has now raised $816,448 with 17 days left in the funding campaign.

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    VacuVita is a fully automated kitchen system that keeps your food fresh for up to 5 times longer!

    No more unsustainable packaging, aluminium foils or ugly plastic storage containers. You simply put your remaining food in the VacuVita, close it , and the VacuVita does the rest. It is that simple.

    An indirect LED light and a pleasant beep indicate that your food items are safely stored. There, they will wait in vacuum-sealed environment until the next snack time, fresh and stylish.

    VacuVita has raised $264,021 - that's $189,701 more than their original goal of $75,000. There is still 9 days left in this campaign.

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    LifeBike is a compact bike made for the commuter.

    The LIFEbike (Lightweight, Intelligent, Flexible, Electric bike) is designed to provide urban commuters with the most convenient, fun and easy way to get from A to B without breaking a sweat. As an electric bike, LIFEbike does not require a license or insurance to operate in most parts of the world.  Its compact design means it can be stored almost anywhere, making it ideal for small space living; it can easily fit into a closet or elevator to go from condo to office. 

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    Intrigued by Google Glass but don't want to shell out the big bucks?  GlassUp connects to your smart phone, works similar to Google Glass but will cost much less!  GlassUp states their glasses will have a longer battery life than Google Glass and will be "receive only" so no photos or videos. 

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    sensoria smart socks

    Sensoria is a smart sock fitness tracker that works with a bluetooth ankle cuff and mobile app. The smart socks will

    You'll be able to experience workouts tailored to your body that take in account the impact of terrain, foot striking, posture and cadence. When you go home you won't just look at pretty charts; you'll be able to analyze in detail what you have done well, for how long and what action you can take to get to the next level. Your personal time machine for fitness.

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    scandu scout

    Scandu Scout allows you to place the device on your forehead for 10 seconds and you stats are displayed on your smartphone. 

    Your body's information where it belongs: in your hands. Share it with your doctor and others to take health conversations and discoveries to a new level. Learn ways that different people, locations, activities, foods, beverages, and medicines affect your body. Sick or well. Discover connections. Watch trends. Spot side effects. Catch problems early. And track them. Get healthier.

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    Breathometer's device + mobile app transforms your smartphone into a breathalyzer. Afraid that 1 extra drink your friend had was too many for him to drive home? Using the Breathometer, find out your friend's BAC, Blood Alcohol Concentration before he gets behind the wheel.

    Breathometerâ„¢ is The World's First Smartphone Breathalyzer! While designing Breathometer, we strove to create a sleek product that blends seamlessly into your everyday life. Built with your lifestyle in mind, the device has a compact design that fits into the palm of your hand and easily on a keychain.

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    Canary is dubbed as the first smart home security system. This device is equipped with an HD video camera with a wide-angle lens is equipped with night vision, microphone as well as temperature, humidity and air quality sensors. Oh and don't forget, a speaker, siren and motion detection via passive infared. This little device packs a big punch.   With Canary, you'll be able to track everything that goes on in your home via your smart phone.

    Canary is a single device that contains an HD video camera and multiple sensors that track everything from motion, temperature and air quality to vibration, sound, and activity to help keep you, your family and your home safe.

    Canary set out to raise $100,000 and with 34 days still left has raised $439,803!

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    SmartThings is setting out to make everyday things smart with it's SmartThings platform.  By using a hub, various sensors and a mobile app, SmartThings enables you to let your imagination go wild.  One of the ideas I saw for creating an everyday thing smart was placing a sensor on your mailbox then SmartThings would send you a text when your mail arrived.

    SmartThings makes it easy to connect the things in your physical world to the Internet. You can monitor, control, automate, and have fun with them from anywhere - at home, office, or on the go.

    We've made it possible to install apps that interact with your SmartThings, as well as online and other services. This unlocks a world of possibilities and and unlimited potential to make your life easier, more convenient and fun.
    We call these SmartApps.

    SmartThings raised $1,209,423 in 30 days - with an initial goal of $250,000.

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    Okay Instagram lovers, imagine a photo frame featuring you Instagram stream. That is what Instacube is! Using the Instagram API,  this project not only allows you to see your stream, but also like photos and toggle by pressing buttons on top of the device. Pretty nifty, huh?

    With a goal of $250,000 - this Kickstarter project was funded at $621,049 by 3,434 backers in 1 month.

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    Elevation Dock

    Wired dubbed the Elevation Dock as "The Dock Apple should have made in the first place."  If you've ever been frustrated with an iPhone dock, this is a product to check out. While this started as a Kickstarter Project, you can now purchase the Elevation doc at Elevation Lab.

    The Elevation Dock is one of the most successfully funded projects raising $1,464,706 in 60 days.  The original goal was $75,000.

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    The PowerQube is a power strip updated for our power needs in 2013. It features 3 USB ports and 6 plug-ins, as well as a built-in surge protector. 

    We have revolutionized the traditional power strip with the POWERQUBE. The POWERQUBE is a revolutionary, electrical power and charging system that allows you to charge up to nine devices simultaneously through three USB ports and six electrical outlets.  The sleek design of the POWERQUBE means you don't have to try to hide it. It is compact enough that you can place it on your desk, conference table, kitchen counter, nightstand, and dorm room desk; anywhere you need power management and USB charging capabilities. At 5.5" by 2.75", it can easily fit into your backpack or briefcase.

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    Do you eat in a hurry? The HAPIfork is a smart fork. HAPIfork helps you eat healthier, eat slower and lose weight by eating at the right time and at the right speed.

    HAPIfork allows you to simply and quickly monitor and reduce the speed at which you eat your meals. Slowing down and paying attention are important steps towards the goal of creating and maintaining healthier eating habits. 

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Which Tech Gadget Do You Think Is Most Likely To Succeed?


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