20 Google Chrome Features You’ll Wish You Knew Sooner

Ever since the launch of Google’s Chrome browser, I’ve been a fan. It just seemed to load quicker, it wasn’t Internet Explorer and while I like Firefox, Chrome has just always been so slick!  Though I’ve been using the browser for years, I have never ventured into the world of Chrome extensions until here lately. Woah, I have been missing out!

If you aren’t familiar with Chrome extensions, these are typically third party scripts that modify the browser in various ways.  These extensions offer a plethora of web goodness. I’ve enjoyed everything from price comparison shopping to seeing Ryan Gosling’s face on every image on a webpage (see below for some Hey Girl goodness!).

Here are 20 of my favorite finds in regard to must try Chrome extensions:

  • Chrome Extensions 1 of 21

    From reworking how you use Facebook to seeing Ryan Gosling's face on every images, here are 20 Chrome extensions to try out. Launch Chrome and start downloading these Chrome extensions!

  • Turn Off the Lights 2 of 21

    Create the perfect mood for watching an online video with the Turn Off the Lights Chrome extension. With just a click of the lightbulb button, this extension dims the background to black, hence turn off the lights, to give you optimal viewing of your online videos. 

    Download Turn Off the Lights

  • Facebook Unseen 3 of 21

    Tired of seeing the same messages in your Facebook feed? Download Facebook Unseen and this Chrome extension weeds out the Facebook status updates that you have already read!

    Download Facebook Unseen

  • Checker Plus for Gmail 4 of 21

    Do you miss the days of Outlook dinging every time you have an email? When I switched over to Gmail many years ago, I loved the lack of dinging. Well, as life has it - all of my work is now on Gmail and I miss the ding.

    This is where Checker Plus for Gmail comes in.  It will sound a small ding and put a preview of the email in Chrome. 

    Side note: if you get tons of spam, this extension can get super annoying.

    Checker Plus for Gmail Chrome Extension

  • Instagram for Chrome 5 of 21

    Need your Instagram all the time? Instead of going to - just click to the Chrome extension for Instagram for Chrome and you'll get your Instagram fix immediately with a small pop-up screen featuring your feed. 

    Download Instagram for Chome

  • Pocket 6 of 21

    Pocket gives you an easy solution to saving the things you want to read later on the web but don't have time to at the moment, or just want to remember later.  Use the Chrome extension by simply clicking the icon and the site will be saved in your Pocket account for later reading.  Pocket can accessed across all platforms.

    Download Pocket Chrome Extension

  • Price Blink 7 of 21

    Are you a bargain hunter? You'll love this Chrome extension. Price Blink shows you the prices of the item that you are looking at of other websites.  As you can see above, I was searching for these Toms for girls.  The price on Amazon was $39.95.  Price Blink shows me the cheapest price is at Nordstroms for $37.95, plus I get free shipping.  You can click Compare Prices button to see all stores listed and their prices for the item you are searching for. 

    Download Price Blink for Chrome

  • Screen Capture 8 of 21

    The Screen Capture Chrome extension allows you to capture a page region, visible content or a whole page all from a click on the icon in your Chrome browser.

    Download Screen Capture

  • Ghostery 9 of 21

    Annoyed by tracking on websites? Block them with Ghostery. 

    Ghostery sees the "invisible" web, detecting trackers, web bugs, pixels, and beacons placed on web pages by Facebook, Google Analytics, and over 500 other ad networks, behavioral data providers, web publishers - all companies interested in your activity.
    After showing you who operates behind the scenes, Ghostery also gives you the opportunity to learn more about each company it identifies, including links to their privacy policy and opt-out options.
    Ghostery allows you to block scripts, images, iframes and objects/embeds from companies that you don't trust.
    Download Ghostery Chrome Extension
  • History Eraser 10 of 21

    History Eraser will delete your history with a click of a button.  With one-click this extension will view, edit, backup and clear chrome history, clear download history, empty cache, delete cookies and other site and plug-in data, clear saved passwords and clear saved form data.

    Download History Eraser

  • Evernote Clipper 11 of 21

    If you are an avid Evernote user, than Evernote Clipper is a must.  With a simple click, Evernote Clipper allows you to save your favorite things from the web into Evernote. Simple and easy.

    Download Evernote Clipper

  • Flutter 12 of 21

    Think of Flutter as Kinect for your computer. Flutter uses gestures detected via your computer's built-in camera to play, pause and skip songs. 

    Download Flutter

  • Hey Girl 13 of 21

    So you love Ryan Gosling? How much? Enough to make every photo on a webpage a photo of him? If so, try out they Hey Girl Chrome extension. With a click of a button, your browser is Ryan Gosling'd with photos from his Hey Girl meme.

    Download Hey Girl 

  • PasswordBox 14 of 21

    Password Box eliminates your need to memorize or type passwords! PasswordBox will automatically save your usernames and passwords while browsing and then let you login to any site on any device in 1-click. You can save up to 25 passwords for free. 

    Download PasswordBox

  • SEOQuake 15 of 21

    Get your SEO on with SEOQuake. This Chrome extension gives you the full 4-1-1 on a web page including the Google pagerank, Alexa rank, highlights nofollow links, text density, check and compare URLs. 

    Download SEOQuake

  • AddThis 16 of 21

    Have you ever found yourself wanting to share a website but there are no build in Facebook, twitter, etc buttons? With AddThis - you have a built-in button to share the page regardless if there are share buttons or not!

    Download AddThis

  • Sexy Undo Close Tab 17 of 21

    Accidentally close a tab? No worries with the Sexy Undo Close Tab extension. 

    This thing acts like a mini-history manager, enable Save closed tabs feature and it'll save up those closed tabs ! Want to get back that tab you opened last month? No problem ! It'll still be there !

    Download Sexy Undo Close Tab

  • PicMonkey 18 of 21

    With the PicMonkey Chrome extension, you can grab images from any web page and open them in PicMonkey for editing. 

    Download Picmonkey

  • Post to Tumblr 19 of 21

    Post to Tumblr adds a right click function that gives you the option to post directly to Tumblr. This is great for that LOL cat image you wanted to tumble. Now just right click and post!

    Download Post to Tumblr

  • YouTube Lyrics 20 of 21

    The YouTube Lyrics plugin lets you click a button to see the lyrics to some of your favorite Youtube music videos.

    Download YouTube Lyrics

  • Start 21 of 21

    Start gives you a cool starting page. Each time you open Chrome, your page will be customized with bookmarks, Chrome web apps as well as a photo from your Flickr stream as the background.  You can also add in your favorite new feed as well!

    Download Start

I have around 15 extensions running now, and while it’s kind of overloading my toolbar – I’ve become partial to them!

If you’ve never ventured into the world of extensions, here is your chance. Crank up Chrome and start downloading! These are free and really do take the browser to another lever.

In the event that you don’t like an extension, you can simply delete by clicking Windows then Extensions from the top of your Chrome browser.

What is Your Favorite Chrome Extension?

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