20 USB Desk Toys to Keep You and Your Co-Workers Entertained

The USB, or universal serial bus, was created in the mid-1990s. It is a bus used for connection, communication, and power supply between computers and electronics. While many of the USB items are what you would expect, computer related, there is a huge industry of items that I’d venture to say the USB inventors never thought would make use of their product. Several of these products make the BEST desk toys!

Say NO! to boredom at work. Cheer up your cube, or gift one of these desk toys to a co-worker — dull days will be gone forever! Here are 20 of the greatest USB desk toys.

  • 20 USB Desk Toys to Keep You and Your Co-Workers Entertained 1 of 21

    Never be bored again at work with these 20 USB desk toys! No more boring day at work — play with these during a long conference call, or gift them to a co-worker.

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  • Pet Rock 2 of 21

    Gone are the days of the rock that just sits there... now you can have a USB powered pet rock! What does the USB powered pet rock do? NOTHING — just like the original pet rock, just updated with a USB cord. Priceless...

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  • Lightsaber Lamp 3 of 21

    It's a light saber... no it's a lamp.... no it's a light saber lamp. And of course it's powered by USB, so just plug it in and watch it glow.

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  • Plasma Ball 4 of 21

    I remember seeing a plasma ball as a child. I thought it had magical powers. Maybe they do, and maybe I won't find out until I buy this USB plasma ball. Buy this and be the envy of all your co-workers, or hey at least keep yourself entertained.

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  • USB Missle Launcher 5 of 21

    I bought this several years ago for my husband. He loved shooting his co-workers and catching them by surprise. Now he works at home the majority of the time, in a shared office with me... therefore he no longer has this setup.

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  • Terrarium 6 of 21

    This desktop terrarium is powered by your computer (USB, people!)  Watch plants grow inside your dark cube!

    Plant the included seed pack on the germination disk inside the cube, then attach the LED light unit, and plug it in with the USB power cable. The China Doll, Great Blue Lobelia, and Pink Polka Dot Plant seeds will grow into a tiny jungle right on your desk! Red lights promote flowering while blue lights highlight the foliage, or you can just turn on both.

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  • Squirming Tentacle 7 of 21

    Why yes... that is a tentacle! Plugin this tentacle to your USB drive and watch it SQUIRM! I'm thinking this could be the ultimate white elephant gift.

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  • Beverage Cooler 8 of 21

    You want that soda cold, but don't want to have to walk ALL the way down to the break room to get it out the fridge, where there is a strong possibility it could be stolen by a co-worker. Fear not! With this USB beverage cooler, your can of Coke cools right at your desk.

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  • Warming Gloves 9 of 21

    Despite being positioned directly under the office vent, your hands can be nice and toasty with these ninja style warming gloves — powered by USB of course!

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  • Coffee Warmer 10 of 21

    No more having to worry about your coffee turning cold with this device! The paper cup warmer keeps your drink nice and warm, up to 90 degrees. Just plug into your USB port, pour some coffee and enjoy.

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  • Warmer Rug 11 of 21

    This sounds perfect for a former co-worker of mine. He use to love to sleep under his desk. I wish I was kidding, and even more so I wish that I had taken pictures to show you! (Those were the pre-iPhone days!).

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  • USB Digital Microscope 12 of 21

    Do you have the need to investigate things further while sitting bored at your desk? Check ou thte USB digital microscope. It's a full functional magnification tool that plugs directly into your computer so you can see magnified objects.

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  • Desktop Fan 13 of 21

    I remember being pregnant and the air conditioning could NOT blow cold enough. All I wanted to do is stick my face into a fan! If only I had this USB fan...

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  • USB Fiber Christmas Tree 14 of 21

    In order to have the "most festive" office cube this Christmas season, this USB fiber Christmas tree is a must-have!

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  • USB Turntable 15 of 21

    Sometimes work makes you just want to put on a record and break-it-down. Decorate the office in old vinyls and amaze your millennial co-workers with this USB turntable.

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  • Desktop Aquarium 16 of 21

    Have a pet at the office with this desktop aquarium that is powered by USB.  This USB desktop aquarium holds approximately 1.5 quarts of water and includes decorative river rocks and an artificial plant.  It features an under gravel filtration system, a low voltage pump with running water and multicolored interior lights, as well as an overhead LED lamp.  And if that wasn't enough, this aquarium is totally desktop functional with a handy cup and phone holder. PLUS a clock!

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  • Butterfly 17 of 21

    A little butterfly to flutter overhead while you work - all powered by USB. The Electronic Moving Butterfly is available in monarch, blue morpho, or swallowtail, and flaps its wings in "realistic random patterns and speeds," with flexible metal legs for multiple mounting options. SCIENCE!!

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  • Ultrasonic Cleaner 18 of 21

    Keep your jewelry nice and shiny with this USB ultrasonic cleaner. While you are hard at work making money, plug this USB device in and it will work hard cleaning your bling.

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  • Professional Pixels USB Iriscope, Skin & Hair Scope 19 of 21

    Become a skin and hair care specialist in your cube with this fancy-shmancy USB iriscope! This device is a hair analysis system that connects directly through a USB adapter to your PC. This allows you to record someone's hair condition and see things that the naked eye won't let you see. Sounds like the perfect office desktop toy to kill time with co-workers.

    With the price of this baby ($428), you will need to charge co-workers, too.

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  • USB Glitter Lamp 20 of 21

    Similar to the old lava lamps, but updated with glitter — this lamp plugs right into your USB and lets off sparkle for you all day long.

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  • Humidifier 21 of 21

    Not much is worse than being sick at work. While your co-workers are sending you "go home, don't get me sick" thoughts, let this little USB humidifier mist your area.

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What is Your Favorite USB Powered Device?

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