Learn About Google Helpouts and 25 Ways They Can Help You for Free!

Have you ever had a problem that you just don’t know if anyone can answer? Maybe it’s computer help, or possibly you want to talk to a life coach. Google sees your need and has an answer. Google has taken your need for help and combined it with their Google Hangouts to create Google Helpouts.

Google Helpouts allow you to go online and get help via an online video chat. If you or your company are an expert in a certain area, this maybe a new niche that you can earn income from or use as a marketing service.

The Helpouts are both free and paid. Experts with various backgrounds host them (you can filter through reviews to find the best fit for you.)  Sounds intriguing, right? Since the best things in life ARE free… here are 25 ways Google Helpouts can help you for free!

  • Learn to Play Guitar 1 of 25

    Have you ever wanted to learn to play rock guitar? Maybe you just want a refresher course?  Matt Gibson will give you a free lesson via his Google Helpout. 

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  • Appliance Assistance 2 of 25

    Maybe you purchased a fancy new washer and dryer but have no idea how to use it. Sears' Blue Service Crew can help! 

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  • Perfect Your Brow 3 of 25

    Anyone else want real eyebrow advice? Sephora offers on-demand Google Helpouts to help you with your eyebrows! (They also offer a plethora of other make-up related helpouts!)

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  • Help with Weight Loss 4 of 25

    Feeling a little overwhelmed with dieting this holiday season? Weight Watchers has created a Helpout to help you from going overboard this holiday season. 

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  • Advice from a Personal Trainer 5 of 25

    Jim worked 20 years as a police officer and is now a certified personal trainer. He can help you with your fitness goals and what you can do long term with your physical fitness.

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  • Support for Your Apple Product 6 of 25

    As great as the Genius Bar can be, let's face it, you still have to schedule an appointment, leave your house, drive there, get help and come home. Nicole has been working on Apples for 15 years and can help point you in the right direction with Apple support via a Helpout!

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  • Google+ Help 7 of 25

    If you work in the social media world, you've heard the importance of Google+. Need more help? Let John Elstone answer your questions about Google+. 

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  • Learn the Basics of Cooking 8 of 25

    I have a friend who has major problems in the kitchen. Cooking 101 is what she needs and this is the perfect Helpout for her! Rouxbe Online Cooking School is the leading online cooking school and can give you some general guidance or inspiration when it comes to basic cooking.

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  • Career Advice and Guidance 9 of 25

    Laura has over 7 years in human resources and recruiting. Chat with her about researching prospective employers, setting up and managing your Linkedin profile and more!

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  • Life Coach 10 of 25

    I've always wondered about what a life coach does, if you have wondered as well — here's our chance to learn (for free!).  Ravinda Galhena is a life coach who is offering a free Helpout to discuss personal situation and look into creative solutions for your situation. 

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  • Pet Care 11 of 25

    Have a general question about your pet? Maybe about something like cleaning his ears or exercise (or how to give your dog a pill, OMG that's such a pain!).  Banfield Pet Hospital can help!

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  • Lawn Care 12 of 25

    Mike Bailey is a retired lawn care professional who can help you with your questions about your lawn. Our area is on a strict watering schedule due to drought conditions — I'd be interested to hear what he says about watering lawns.

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  • Take Better Photos 13 of 25

    Regardless of what kind of camera you own, Darwin wants to help you take better photos. Want to learn about putting your camera into manual mode or what equipment to purchase? He can help you with that photography assistance as well.

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  • PC Software Support 14 of 25

    This is who I will be sending my father to next time he asks for help. Do you have PC software related issues? Knowhow is apart of the largest retailer in the UK and has a team of experts ready to help you out with your software related questions.

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  • Security Cameras 15 of 25

    The newest trend in our neighborhood is security cameras. We aren't in a high crime area — our neighbors seem to just like catching people who don't pick up their dogs poop. Regardless of why you would need security camera help, here it is!
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  • Answer Questions About Programming 16 of 25

    My husband, the programmer was super excited about the idea of this!  Wyllian Hossein is offering assiatance with algorithm and logic programming in C, C++, objective C and C#.

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  • Assistance with Remodeling 17 of 25

    Can I really turn my attic into another living space? Want to know what it would take to build another wall?  John Fessia is offering 15 minutes of his time to determine your needs.

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  • Fashion Advice 18 of 25

    Do these make me look fat? Let Juliana Marques tell you what she thinks and give you advice on fashion. 

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  • Pop That Pimple 19 of 25

    Want to know how to pop a pimple correctly? There is a Helpout for that! Let Rachel show you the correct way to get rid of that zit. 

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  • Finding a Therapist 20 of 25

    Have you ever wanted to meet a therapist before committing? Kristie is offering for free, 10 minutes of therapy consult to determine if you are a right match. 

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  • Basics of CPR 21 of 25

    James Woith is a paramedic and via video will show you the basics of AED (automated external defibrillator). By knowing CPR & how to use an AED, you can help increase someones chance of survival by 60%.

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  • Brew Awesome Coffee 22 of 25

    Tonx Team wants to give you advice on brewing coffee. Whether you are a beginner brewer or a barista, let their team help you make the best morning brew. 

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  • Yoga and Meditation 23 of 25

    Harumi Maejimi is a certified Yoga Therapist. She is offering yoga coaching and can help you learn how to deepen your yoga practice.

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  • Handyman Advice 24 of 25

    Our pipes are making weird haunted house type noises. Is this something we can fix? Should we call for help? Home Depot's Helpout is the perfect place to get those answers. 

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  • Help with an Audition 25 of 25

    Are you ready for the spotlight? Danielle Eilas can help prep you for an audition and help you get stage ready!

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As you can see, big companies (in addition to independent experts) are jumping on board. This innovative idea just launched last week and already has over 1000 different offerings.

I don’t know about you, but this is so exciting to me. Technology has brought us to a place where we can simply open our computers, turn on our cameras and get the help we need, from guitar lessons to home remodel, pet care to pimple popping.

While I am not usually a video type person, I seriously would love some make-up advice. Another bonus? I now know where I am going to send family when they need tech support. I LOVE living in this age of tech.

What Google Helpouts Are You Most Excited About?

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