4 Back to School Uses for Evernote

4 Back to School Uses for Evernote via

The “Back to School” season has begun. That means school shopping, new teachers, and a ton of documents to sign (and keep?). Not sure if your home (or your mind) has enough space to record, organize, or manage all the stuff that goes into getting your family ready for the new school year? It probably doesn’t, so here are some ways you can use the “Remember Everything” Evernote service to document, organize, and manage your Back to School efforts.

Managing Important Documents

Before your kids get on the bus for their first day, you know there are certain documents you will need to make sure your kids are registered. Docs like medical records, proof of address, and “in case of emergency” contacts should be at your fingertips when you start filling out registration forms.

Evernote is a great place to store that information beforehand, so you can quickly retrieve and share that information without digging through an already filled-to-the-brim filing cabinet.

Building Shopping Lists

There are a number of reasons why you need to do Back to School shopping every year. So keeping a shopping list is essential to make sure your kids have what they are required to bring to make the best out of the new school year.

You can make a “Back to School Shopping” notebook and tag each note with you kid’s name in the note title and as an individual Evernote tag. That way, you can quickly browse to the notebook to view all the lists, suggested supply list from the school, examples of uniform images, or your own shopping links from the web.

Saving School/Teacher Information

If you’re like me, I’m pretty sure your mail organizer, dining room table, or computer desk is overrun with papers from your kid’s school and/or their teachers. To get that stuff off your table (after you’ve read and signed them of course) and into the cloud, you can create an Evernote notebook for each school/teacher, and either snap a picture with your phone if you’re using the Evernote app on your smartphone, or add them to your account using a copier/scanner.

Organizing Homework and Artwork

Of course, there is a never-ending flow of papers that come home with your kids everyday that you have to keep track of for at least a couple of weeks like daily/weekly activity reports and/or homewook assignments. Information like this would go into an Homework notebook, tagged with each kid’s name. You can also set up a “discard” reminder to delete notes after either the assignement is completed, or when another activity report rolls in.

If you have “youngins” in school, they’re always bringing home artwork that you know you won’t look at for years to come, but feel bad for even thinking about throwing away. For this, you can would create a notebook for every grade with each of your kid’s names in the title, snap pictures with your smartphone, and upload them using the Evernote app.

I’m sure I’m not the only Evernote parent out there trying to keep my head above Back to School water. So be sure to drop a line in the comments on how you use Evernote to stay organized during the school year.

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