8 Apps for a Smooth Date Night

Planning the perfect date night can be stressful, especially if you have one (or all) of these daily challenges: Demanding career, highly-active kids, or “comforatable” (read: boring) dating routine with your spouse or significant other.

Look no further than your smartphone to come to the rescue and spice up your typical date night outing.

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    Whether you're looking to breathe new life into your ho-hum outings, or you need a quick "Plan B" idea, here are 8 apps that will ensure your date night will go over without a hitch.


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  • Kahnoodle (Free for iOS) 2 of 9
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    Half of the date night struggle is simply getting "in the mood" to plan a perfect date. With Kahnoodle, you and your "boo" can shake things up early by sending private and secure messages to each other, or by completing love tasks to earn 'Koupons' that can be redeemed at a later date.


    By filling out your user profile and sharing it with your partner, you can get an idea of what each other's likes and interests are. That may just spark some ideas on executing a smooth date night they will remember.

  • Couple (Free for iOS) 3 of 9
    couple app by brothatech

    If you're that "cutesy" couple everyone loves to hate while you're out on a date, then an app like Couple will do nothing but ehance your disgusting adorable connection before, during, and after the date by giving the two of your own private mobile platform to exchange messages and images, share tasks, date ideas, and special moments.


    You can even create little sketches together as well as trade a "Thumbkiss" by synchronizing your thumb prints on your  screen in the same area at the same time.


    Ewww, I mean...awww

  • BetterHalf ($0.99 for iOS) 4 of 9
    betterhalf app via babble.com

    If "whatever you wanna do babe" isn't a good enough answer when trying to plan the perfect date night, BetterHalf is an app that lets you serve up dinner and movie suggestions to your better half (get it) based on their favorite flicks and spots to eat.


    By downloading the app on both phones, you can quickly create a date, search restaurants, and movie show times and buy tickets. You can also send invites to your partner and update each other's calendars to ensure you're on the same page.

  • UrbanDaddy (Free for iOS and Android) 5 of 9
    urbandaddy app via babble.com

    Need some cool, swanky, hip, or "in" places to go on your date night around town? By opening the UrbanDaddy app and answering several questions like what day/time is it, where you want to go, what you want to do, and who you're with, you will get suggestions on what spots you should check out.


    Not only can UrbanDaddy help plan your date night, but it can also be a great "Plan B" tool if the spot you originally decided to visit was not as fly as the image gallery on the website.

  • OpenTable (Free for Web, iOS, Android, Windows Phone and BlackBerry) 6 of 9
    opentable app via babble.com

    OpenTable is the app pick if you want to quickly make reservations to ensure you're not waiting in the cold restaurant lobby or sitting next to the kitchen.


    The app automatically finds your location to locate restaurants in your area. You can also get suggestions based on reviews from other users and view the menu to get an idea of the selection and prices. Cheap date indeed!

  • Uber (Free for Web, iOS & Android) 7 of 9
    uber app via babble.com

    If you REALLY want to show off on your date night, the move would be a chaueffeured night on the town. If you're cheap keeping an eye on your finances, you can use Uber to summon a clean towncar or big black SUV on your smartphone to take you around town without the extra cost or hassle of actually hiring a service for the night.


    The Uber app will find your current location, approximate when you're driver will show up, and you can see on the app exactly where your driver is with a picture of the driver for safety. You can also approximate the cost of the trip before you request a ride.

  • Hotel Tonight (Free for iOS and Android) 8 of 9
    hoteltonight app via babble.com

    The date may go so well that you decide to tell "Granny" to keep the kids for the night and check-in to a hotel. HotelTonight is a beautiful app that lets you book last-minute deals on hotels with leftover rooms.


    Every day at noon, HotelTonight lists rooms that hotels are trying to fill, so your procrastination spontanteous idea to make the date an all-nighter may just work in your favor if you need a romantic room at a moment's notice without breaking the bank.

  • Seamless (Free for Web, iOS, Android and BlackBerry) 9 of 9
    seamless app via babble.com

    If you decide you don't want to order the expensive room service at the hotel, or if you planned a special date night at home, Seamless will let you order from your favorite restaurants in your area.


    Seamless offers thousands of restaurant choices that deliver in over 40 cities. That way, you don't have to stress over a stove in order to enjoy good food with good company on a good night.

If you have any go-to date night apps, be sure to “spread the love” (see what I did there?) and drop them in the comments section.

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