5 Apps That Will Help Kids Learn To Code

Yesterday a new Kickstarter campaign was launched for what looks to be a fabulous board game called Robot Turtles. Its aim is to help younger kids begin bending their minds around key concepts of computer programming. Because most of us parents realize how programming will be an incredibly handy skill for our kids to have, the Kickstarter was fully funded in just five hours and has now more than quadrupled that amount.

Pretty impressive.

My daughter is incredibly digitally savvy not to mention in love with Minecraft so I’ve been trying to find apps for her to use that will help her get interested in programming. I’ve tried a few, and while she likes them all, she still finds some basic concepts a bit frustrating. Luckily, in researching this piece I found a couple more to try, and I can’t wait to get my hands on Robot Turtles. *grin*

So with no further ado, check out these five apps that can help your kids go down the coding path.

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    Want to teach your kids how to code? These five apps will get them on their way!
  • Scratch 2 of 3

    Scratch is by far the most popular coding program for kids. Designed by MIT, it offers simple drag and drop ways to do basic coding. It's ideal for kids ages 8 to 16. (My daughter couldn't even begin to use it at six, and won't try now that she's seven, so I think that age limit is true.)

  • Kodable 3 of 3

    Kodable is very similar in basic design to Scratch, but is much friendlier for kids ages five and up. My daughter had a LOT of fun with this one. It has bright graphics and adorable critters that you can program to do specific activities. Really cute and fun.

Article Posted 3 years Ago

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