5 Kid-Approved Apps to Prevent the Dreaded “Summer Slide”

5 fun apps for summer learningYou’ve likely heard of the dreaded “summer slide.” Some kids begin to lose some of the knowledge they gained during the school year, and this can make the return to school in the fall a bit challenging for both kids and teachers.

While there are some amazing summer learning programs out there, you can also keep your kids on track using apps – often without them even realizing they are learning (these apps are also great for moms like me that choose self-directed learning for their kids).

Here are five great apps that can help stop your kid’s summer slide:

App for Reading: Epic Books for Kids

Epic is a brand new app that is far and away the best book app for kids I’ve seen. By offering a subscription model for access to thousands of eBooks without having to purchase or download them individually, your kids can enjoy reading for hours. Plus, with interactive elements that offer game-like features, your kids will want to read.

App is free for iPad and is $4.99 a month after your first free month.

App for Math: Splash Math for Grades 1-5

We’ve been fans of Splash Math for a while (my daughter’s school is an alternative school that doesn’t offer a traditional curriculum, so we supplement her education with apps like this). It’s cross-platform, so kids can play both on the app and on a computer. Because it offers such a diverse age range, kids can jump ahead when they are ready. My daughter loves this app, and often asks if we can “play math” together. The lessons in this app are also available as separate apps by grade.

App is free both on the desktop and in iTunes.

App for Science: KidScience

This app is super fun! KidScience offers up sample experiments that kids can do at home just with everyday items you’ll find in your pantry. We love this app because it changes how our daughter sees the stuff in our pantry from simple cooking ingredients to cool scientific elements that can cause reactions. The app offers great little how-to videos and explains the science behind each experiment. Sadly, it doesn’t offer a free clean up of your house once the experiment is over.

App is $4.99, but a free version with fewer videos is available.

App for Science: Weird But True by National Geographic

Your kids will LOVE this app, I promise. It’s chock full of hilarious and weird little factoids that will cause your kid to run up to you all the time and say things like, “Did you know girls have more tastebuds than boys do?” Plus it’s bright and colorful and easy to use. My daughter likes it particularly because of all the cute pictures of animals. A great way for kids to learn.

App is free and includes a large number of facts, but the Mega Pack offers more for $1.99.

App for Everything: iTooch Elementary School

iTooch is an impressive app that covers a wide range of subjects, but particularly excels at the language arts. My daughter does huff and puff a bit when we ask her to spend some time on this app (it’s just not as much fun as the others), but once she gets into it she enjoys herself. Because both of her parents are writers, she likes learning about writing with this app.

App is free but offers in-app purchases.

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