5 Reasons Technology May Be Making Kids Dumb

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Through the years, technology has provided us with what we need, helps get us to where we need to go, connects us and entertains us.

Today technology starts our cars, heat our homes, washes our clothes and lets us know when it’s time to go food shopping. Technology keeps us more connected to things than ever before.

For me, technology has become an extension of who we are as a family. It helps us stay organized, create special moments and has even helped answer a lot of those ‘but why’ questions our son has had.

With technology being the core of our every day lives we need for our very active, tech-savvy four year old to know and understand being attached to a screen is not how life should be lived.

We do not want him to become so overly dependent on technology that he is unable to function without it.

Do you think as parents we are providing our children with the skills to understand the technology they are using and the power it carries?

Our children are growing up with technology being their normal way of communicating, learning and getting things done. But have we stopped to think about how all this technology may be affecting their intellectual development?

I wholeheartedly embrace technology and love all that is does to simplify my family’s life. But many parents and experts have raised concerns over the excessive use of technology in children. Questioning if it makes their kids smarter or if it is affecting their intelligence in any way.

Below are five ways technology might be hindering our children’s intellect. Do you agree?

  • Brain funtionality 1 of 5

    The excessive use of technology may be affecting how they manage their time, interact with others and how then tend to their possessions. 

  • Paying attention 2 of 5

    With kids getting used to having things be just a click away, do you think it may be affecting how the retain information?

  • Pencil grip 3 of 5

    Studies have shown that kids are mastering keyboard strokes and tablet swipes, but heavily affecting their gross motor skills. 

  • Development 4 of 5

    Being able to master Candy Crush or Angry Birds may be taking away from their physical and motor development

  • Human contact 5 of 5

    Technology allows children to be more connected to people via chatting and video chats, but is the lack of person to person interaction affecting their social skills?

Article Posted 3 years Ago

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