5 Slick Video Apps To Share Your Special Moments

5 Slick Video Apps To Share Your Special Moments via
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Who carries an actual video camera around anymore? Most of the world will whip out their smartphone to handle most, if not all of the video shooting duties. The problem is, most, if not all of the world doesn’t do anything with the videos after all those special moments are captured.

If you need longer than 6 or 15 seconds to share your videos with the world, easily collaboarate with other user’s videos, or quickly breathe new life into older videos, “there’s an app for that”. Here are my top 5 video apps to capture and share all those special moments that are currently collecting dust on your smartphone.

  • YouTube Capture 1 of 5
    YouTube Capture video app via

    If you think you have a viral video moment on your hands, everybody knows the video needs be on YouTube...STAT! If you don't want to wait around until you 1) Eventually get home to connect your phone to your computer 2) Figure out the best way transfer the video to your computer 3) Open YouTube in your browser 4) Upload the video and add a title, description, and tags 5) Wait for the video to process 6) Share on your social networks...


    ...You can download the free YouTube Capture app for iOS. You can use the app the shoot, enhance, and share the video in one fell swoop. YouTube Capture's simple and easy controls make it the quickest way to record a moment, add a title, and make quick adjustements like video trim, stabilization, color correction, and adding a soundtrack, and share it on the most popular video-sharing and discovery site. When you're ready to upload, you can also automatically share the video to Twitter, Facebook, and Google+.

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    Socialcam video app via

    If you're a social butterfly, and want to be able to quickly shoot, and share videos everywhere, SocialCam is the free app for iOS and Android that will do just that. Users can shoot video, add a title, filters, effects and music to create an awesome video. What makes SocialCam unique is that you can share your video to a myriad of sources at one time: Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr, YouTube, Dropbox, email, or SMS.


    Additionally, SocialCam has built up a pretty large in-app community where you can interact with other user's videos. You can follow other users to built a nice video feed, as well as view "most popular" videos. Think of SocialCam as the "Instagram of videos...before Instagram got video. Now that title has been passed down to Vine...But you get what I'm trying to say"

  • Ptch 3 of 5
    Ptch video app via

    If you want to spice up you videos with even more content, Ptch is the free app for iOS that not only let's users shoot new video, but you can pull in videos from your camera roll, as well as photos from your phone, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google+, and Tumblr to make a dope one-minute compilation video (called a Ptch).


    For a special touch, users can add captions to individual photos and add music tracks for even more personalization. You can re-order the video clips and photos to get the look you want, and easily share your ptches to Facebook, Twitter, or the Ptch in-app community to get props on your work.

  • Mixbit 4 of 5
    Mixbit video app via

    Shooting your own video is cool. But wouldn't it be nice to pull in other videos to produce an even larger production...all on your smartphone? Mixbit is a free new app for iOS and Android by the creators of YouTube that lets users shoot and edit their own videos, as well as grab clips from other Mixbit users to easily create and share video compilation experiences.


    With Mixbit, users have several options: 1) Shoot new footage 2) Pull in video from their camera roll 3) Grab public videos from the Mixbit community. From there, you can re-order the clips (called bits) and publish to Mixbit to share with community, share to Facebook or Twitter, or save to your camera. Mixbit is cool tool for when you want to make a video of an event where you want to quickly grab video from other smartphones.


    If everyone uploads to Mixbit, their clips will be available to produce one compilation video. So you don't have to worry about "touching" "beaming" "bumping" or whatever else is out there to get videos from friends.

  • VyClone 5 of 5
    Vyclone video app via

    The free VyClone app for iOS, Android, and Windows Phone (first triple-treat) takes videos from different users to the next level by producing a video, shot at the same time, but from different cameras and different angles. In other words, when you and your VyClone friends (you have to follow each other in the app) start filming at the same time and then all upload to VyClone, the app automatically syncs the videos and makes the compilation for you, complete with different angles.


    Doesn't even matter if you're at the same location, as long as you are recording at the same time, VyClone will do all the syncing. You can then go back in and edit the video to remove any unwanted shots. So you can be across the room, or across town, and VyClone will mash it all up to create one seamless video of an instance but from different perspectives.

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