5 Smart Ways to Use Google Apps to Stay Organized

Google is a pretty popular service for, well … everything. From searching the Web for information to running a business, Google probably has a site, tool, or service to help you achieve your digital goals. Google Apps is easy to use, and it’s a productive set of tools that you can deploy for your team or school to manage all the Google services you frequently use all in one place.

Even though businesses and educational organizations are the primary clients for Google Apps, the system can help you maintain some structure in your family too!

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    Google Apps for Families - Babble

    If you're the Chief Technology Officer for Family, Inc., Google Apps can also help your family organize, collaborate, and be more productive.

  • Manage Your Family Domain 2 of 6
    google apps new domain

    At the heart of Google Apps is the domain name that it uses as the virtual address for its services. Registering your family name as a domain (example: http://[lastname], would be a great way to think of your family as an actual organization. The whole point of using Google Apps is to consolidate all the services an organization uses in on location. Buying and/or egistering it with Google Apps may just encourage you to be more proactive when it comes to organizing your family's digital life.

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    google apps mail, contacts, calendars

    Just how organized is your family if you use one email account, your partner/spouse uses a different account, and your kids use...whatever is "hot" nowadays? The first key to staying productive is getting organized! Google Apps includes the super popular email service, Gmail, and allows the family "IT Guy/Gal" the ability to assign, manage and troubleshoot email addresses, as well as ensure the entire family is working off the same calendar and contact lists.

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    google apps collaboration

    Integrating Google Apps into your family operation also means you can easily communicate with your family by quickly setting up video chats via Google Hangouts, as well as having access to family documents anywhere with Google Drive. Because everybody in your family has been assigned an account, you can ensure that they all have access to the same information so you're all on the same page no matter where your family members are.

  • Quick Acess to 3rd-Party Services 5 of 6
    google apps marketplace

    Google Apps serves as the single destination for family email, contacts, calendars, and documents, but other well-known services trust Google authentication as well. Thus, there is a good chance your favorite task/project/financial management apps offer the ability to sign in using your Google Apps credentials. The Google Apps Marketplace lists all the services that integrate with Google Apps. As a result, your Google Apps account can help you keep an eye on your family budget, keep track of your kids' homework, and plan a family vacation.

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    google apps security

    If you're concerned that your family may not be using the best practices when it comes to digital security, moving your family documents and other information into Google Apps can ensure that not only your information is backed up if your computer crashes, but that it is protected from online threats, as well loosing data if a family member's laptop, tablet, or smartphone is lost or stolen.

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Google Apps works in all browsers, with many other devices and a wide variety of services. To set up an account for your family, it’s $5 per user/month, but well worth it if you’re ready to implement a digital strategy to get your family more organized and productive.

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Article Posted 3 years Ago

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