5 Weekend Gadget and App Ideas

Cheers to the freakin’ weekend. If you have plans for an awesome weekend, don’t forget to check “tech” off your list of things you need. Don’t have a list? Well you’ve come to right place. Here are 5 Weekend gadget and app ideas that will help you get the most out of your plans.

  • 5 Weekend Gadget and App Ideas 1 of 6
    5 Weekend Gadget and App Ideas

    5 weekend gadget and app ideas that will help you get the most out of your plans.

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  • Eventbrite App 2 of 6
    eventbrite app

    No longer is Eventbrite solely for up with the events you're registered for. It can now suggest events you might want to check out by listing events your friends (if you're connected to Facebook) are attending and local events in your area. Simply check out the Eventbrite website or the mobile app on your smartphone to quickly start planning your weekend.

  • Uber Premium Taxi App 3 of 6

    If there is an game, concert, or festival in town this weekend, or you just want to stunt impress your date, but you know you are going to hate to try and find a place to park, Uber, if available in your area, is the ideal alternative to getting around. Via the mobile app, you can quickly and easily request a shiny town car, big black SUV, or economic sedan with a driver, to get you from point A to B and back, without worrying about finding your car in a parking garage, or paying for valet.

  • EasyAcc Battery Charger 4 of 6
    EasyACC battery charger

    If you and/or your family is going to be out all day Saturday or Sunday, and you know you can't live without your mobile devices, the EasyAcc External Battery Charger is a pretty handy device to carry in your purse or bag. In addition to just being handy, it's powerful. The EasyAcc can charge just about mobile device you can throw at it simultaneously and multiple times. It's also cost effective at just $40 bucks. Similar devices will run you at least $100 (Ask me how I know).

  • Shine Activity Monitor 5 of 6
    Misfit Shine with Sports band

    If you're one of "those people" who stays active even on the weekends, but still wants to look fly doing it, the Shine by Misfit is a personal activity tracker that monitors and tracks your movement, all while looking oh so sexy doing it. The Misfit Shine itself is a sleek, futuristic-inspired designed medallion that's a little larger than a quarter and offers several accessories that let you wear it as necklace or your choice of sport or leather wrist brand. Who said healthy and active has to look cheap and geeky.

  • Yield Convertible Picnic Bag 6 of 6
    Yield basket blanket

    Not really a tech gadget or an app, but I thought the Yield Pinic Bag was worth a mention if you plan on chilling at your local outdoor festival this weekend. This Picnic Bag byYield starts out as a bag that can carry all your stuff, and can convert into a blanket that you can sit on when you've found your perfect spot. Simply unzip the bag after you remove your items to lay it flat on the ground to for a clean surface to eat off of and avoid grass stains.

Be sure to drop a line and let me know what are you go-to weekend tech must-haves

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