6 Essential Free Apps for College Students

Adjusting to life away from home is no easy task for college students. Here are six free apps to help make the transition less stressful and more enjoyable.

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    Here are six free apps to help make the college transition less stressful and more enjoyable

  • Evernote 2 of 7
    Evernote App for College Students via

    It's not uncommon for students to have multiple devices (smartphone, tablet & laptop). Evernote is the "remember everything" tool that lets students synchronize all of their important information across all of their devices. Students can use Evernote to create back-to-school shopping lists, clip information from the web for research, add assignment due date reminders, and share notes with other students or the teacher.

    Free for iOS, Android, Mac, PC and Web

  • Penultimate 3 of 7
    Pentultimate App for College Students via

    Typing up lecture notes is yesterday. Penultimate lets iPad college students write note free-hand with their finger or using a stylus. Users can create notebooks for each of their classes, jot notes, take pictures, and synchronize their notes with Evernote, for easy access to their nots on any device.

    Free for iPad

  • City Maps 4 of 7
    Citymaps App for College Students via

    Chances are, their are some local hangout spots around the school that are college student-friendly, Students can use Citymaps as a great way to create and share maps with friends documenting all of the go-to spots around campus or around the city.

    Free for iOS

  • Google Drive 5 of 7
    Google Drive App for College Students

    There is a good chance that all the other college students will be using Google Drive as a place to collaborate on projects and submit assignments to their instructors. Users get 5 gigs of free cloud storage to start out with (15 gigs if you use Gmail and Google+), and is seamlessly integrated with Gmail, so college students can download, attach and share documents right in their inbox.

    Free iOS, Android and Web

  • Mint 6 of 7
    Mint Financial App for College Students via

    You're not a true college student if you're not a poor college student. That doesn't mean students shouldn't try to manage their finances. Mint offers a quick and easy way to track finances. Students can link their credit/debit cards, and bank accounts and quickly view up-to-date information on where and how their money is spent. Students can even use Mint to build a budget and make their parents proud when they forward a report from Mint that they are actually saving money.

    Free for iOS, Android and Web

  • Seamless 7 of 7
    Seamless Online Food Ordering App for College Students via

    Cramming for a college exam while eating take-out food is par for the course with college students. Depending on where they attend school, Seamless, is a simple way to order and pay for food from the local restaurants on their smartphone. Students can elect to pick it up, or can have it delivered to their dorm.

    Free for iOS, Android and Web

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