6 Gadgets to Make Your House a Smart Home

Home Automation doesn’t have to be confusing, expensive, or require a major home renovation. Technology is here that will enable your average homeowner to purchase, set up, and manage their smart home with only a network connection and a smartphone or tablet. Here are 6 mobile-controlled gadgets and services to make your house a smart home.

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    6 simple to set up and easy to use mobile-friendly gadgets to manage your smart home.


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  • August Smart Lock 2 of 7
    August smartlock

    Let's start with getting into your house. If you can install a dead-bolt on your front door, you can easily add a wireless door locking system for easy access to your smart home, and to manage who else has access as well. No more "I locked myself out of the house again."


    The August Smart Lock is a new gadget that can be installed right over your current deadbolt, connected to Wifi, and runs on batteries if your home network is down. It will let you unlock your doors with your smartphone, as well as view log records of others whom you've given access to. Now you can know exactly when the kids got home.

  • DropCam Wireless Camera 3 of 7
    Dropcam Wireless Camera

    There's nothing like a little security while at home, or while at work or on vacation. A nice security/camera system that you can monitor yourself can add even more "piece of mind" to your smart home system, as well as money in your pocket.


    DropCam offers a quick way to add cameras with motion sensing and remote recording to your home. Simply place a camera where you want it to go, connect it to your home WiFi, name the camera, and that's it. You can view your camera's feed, interact with family or guests, or receive alerts via smartphone or tablet. Cloud storage options are available to let save your recordings in the cloud to review anytime.

  • Canary Wireless Security 4 of 7
    Canary Wireless Security System

    For a more complete solution, check out this Indiegogo campaign for the new Canary system. In addition to an HD camera with motion sensing and a microphone, this all-in-one gadget offers an alarm siren, temperature, air quality, and humidity sensing, so you can get fast notifications on your mobile device if there is a fire, flood, or an intruder.

  • Belkin WeMo Home Automation 5 of 7
    Belkin WeMo Switch Connected to Coffee Pot

    If you want to fire up the coffeemaker while you're still in bed, turn off the iron if you were in a rush, or turn off all the lights while you're at work, Belkin offers a line of outlets and switches that you simply plug your appliances into and connect to your smart home network to control with your mobile devices.


    Installation is easy as most WeMo gadgets can simply be plugged into your current wall outlets. You can also use WeMo to cut down on energy costs and program them to shut off your appliances at set times. WeMo also offers motion sensors and cameras to watch pets or keep an eye on the nursery.

  • Plex Media Server 6 of 7
    plex app for iphone

    Now let's move to smart home entertainment. If you're like me, you probably have a bunch of DVDs, home videos, and pictures spread out across all your mobile devices, computers, and external Hard Drives. Plex is a software solution that makes it easy to organize, view, and control all of your media from any device.


    Not only does Plex give you simple tools to corral all of your media into one system, it also offers software and apps for just about all your home devices, as well as makes it easy to stream content to other capable devices like a Smart TV, gaming system, or media streaming set top box.

  • Sonos Wireless HiFi System 7 of 7
    Sonos Speakers

    If you just want a simple solution to listen to your iTunes music, or your favorite music sources anywhere in your house, Sonos software, controllers, and speakers connect to your home network, and pipe high-quality sound wherever you want it.


    No matter your home configuration, Sonos has a device that can get your house rocking quickly by connecting to your home network to wirelessly stream music throughout your smart home. You can control your music via computer, smartphone, or tablet, and Sonos gives you the ability to listen to internet radio, podcasts, as well as the entire gamut of internet-streaming music services.

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