6 Little-known HootSuite Features To Streamline Your Social Media Strategy

Looking get more out of HootSuite? Check out 6 little-known Hootsuite features that will help consolidate your social network services and increase productivity.

HootSuite is one of the best social media management tools. It integrates with many other services so you don’t need a ton of browser tabs or applications open. It can also speed up social media productivity since you can essentially stay inside of Hootsuide for most if not all of your social media management.

I personally needed to consolidate my social media efforts, so I did some research and found 6 little-known HootSuite features that can help organize and strealine your own social media strategy.

  • Add Instagram to HootSuite Dashboard 1 of 6
    BrothaTech Instagram feed on HootSuite

    The Instagram mobile apps may still be the only way to upload images to the popular image-sharing social network, but that doesn't mean it's the only way to view & like images, as well as interact with your followers. Instead of opening another browser window to view your Instagram feed you can now add Instagram to your HootSuite dashboard to keep an eye on what people are saying about your visual content.

  • HootSuite RSS Reader 2 of 6
    Hootsuite RSS Reader

    Finding good content to read, curate, and share is easy. Figuring out the best way to organize it all...notsomuch, especially now that Google Reader is dead. The HootSuite Syndicator is a cool tool that makes it easy for users to quickly and easily subscribe to and share their favorite feeds.

  • HootSuite RSS Syndicator 3 of 6
    Hootsuite RSS Syndicator

    The trick to social media management is to automate as much as possbile, without coming off to your friends, followers, and subscribers as a "robot". If you're using HootSuite to manually share your own blog posts, as well as posts from your "tribe" of trusted content provides, you can also set use the HootSuite Syndicator tool to automagically publish new RSS feed content on all or your connected social networks.

  • HootSuite Scheduled Bulk Post Uploader 4 of 6
    Hootsuite Bulk Scheduler

    HootSuite is a quick and easy method for scheduling individual messages to be sent out to your social networks at a later date. If you're working on a large project or campaign that needs to have a ton of messages sheduled, Hootsuite offers a Bulk schedule uploader ($9.99 monthly upgrade) where you use an Excel template to structure and schedule several messages spread out over weeks in advance.

  • HootSuite Team Collaboration 5 of 6
    Hootsuite teams collaboration

    If you're "movin' up to the big leagues..." and started using HootSuite as part of a group, HootSuite has some dope collaboration features as well. Subscribing to (read: paying for) HootSuite Teams service enables organizations to essentially use HootSuite as their main inter-office social media management communications tool where seperate "teams" can be created to handle different social media tasks, as well as quickly respond to messages and effectively engage with subscribers across different social media channels.

  • HootSuite Vanity URL Branding 6 of 6
    BrothaTech Vanity URL in HootSuite

    If you're a stickler for brand consistency, creating a vanity short URL that you then use to share links across all your social media networks is a "baswe" move. Since you already share a ton of content right from your HootSuite dashboard, upgrading to a HootSuite Pro or Enterprise account unlocks the vanity URL feature. You will have to find and register a vanity URL before adding it to your HootSuite account, but doing so is a good way to control your brand no matter what you say and where you say it.

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Article Posted 3 years Ago

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