6 Negative Effects Technology Has on Kids

With technology being an essential part of our day-to-day lives, I can’t help but think about some of the negative effects technology may have on children and their ability to disconnect from it all.

As I parent I often wonder, what impact will technology have on the social and mental behaviors of our children as they continue to become more dependent on this information/communication resource?

Some concerns I have raising digital kids are:

  • An increase in bullying 1 of 6

    Bullies have infiltrated the Internet are able to torment their victims both in school and online.  How will kids be able to fend them off if they seem to show up wherever they are?

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  • Lack of privacy 2 of 6

    Gone are the days of being safe from prying eyes. The Internet has done away with privacy and kids are at the front lines of this dilemma. Whether they are doing the sharing or their friends, it seems kids are being exposed for the world to see. 

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  • Lack social bonds 3 of 6

    Remember when you and your friends had things in common like the same Trapper Keeper, favorite color or having a crush on the same '80's heartthrob? Now it seems bonds are formed depending on material item they have in common and the cost factor behind them.

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  • Compromised identity 4 of 6

    With kids sharing so much online they become vulnerable to having their identities stolen. What happens as they grow up and they have (over the years) created a digital footprint they regret?

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  • Developmental effect 5 of 6

    Many parents are concerned with the impact too much screen time will have on their child's over all development. How are touch screen devices affecting a child's motor skills?

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  • Sense of reality 6 of 6

    Many kids are constantly online to escape their reality. Being online can make anyone a rock star, have hundreds of friends and hide behind and avatar. But what effect will that have on a kid who needs to hide from who he/she is?

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Article Posted 5 years Ago

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