6 Ways Netflix Optimizes Your Viewing Experience

This is a continuation of a piece I wrote, How Streaming Media Has Changed Your TV Experience. Below is the second part of the series. 

Not long ago I took you back in time to where entertainment was designated to an old tube TV and juicy plots could easily be missed by simply taking a bathroom break.

Streaming media services have changed everything about how we watch movies and TV shows. Netflix is a company that has cleared the path and has made both cable and Internet TV much better for its consumers. Aware viewers are no longer at the mercy of the TV Guide; they are creating impressive original content and providing subscribers with quality programming all at a low cost.

Netflix has stepped up to the plate and has successfully been delivering what viewers want. Providing on-demand streaming for consumers who want more substance and less junk.

Here is just some of what Netflix has done to make viewers enjoy their services.

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  • Bang for your buck 1 of 6

    A one-year Netflix membership costs less than what the average family spends on two trips to the movie theater -minus the popcorn.

    *Netflix Survey was conducted by Wakefield Research (

  • Just for Kids 2 of 6

    Netflix has created a section dedicated to children with the launch of Netflix Families. Displaying TV shows and movies organized by kid-friendly genres making it easy for kids to find their favorite programming. 

  • Stream at your leisure 3 of 6

    Approximately 84% of families in the U.S have at least three or more Netflix-ready devices in their home. 

    Netflix members can stream thousands of Movies and TV shows without commercials anytime.

    *Netflix Survey was conducted by Wakefield Research (


  • Take Netflix anywhere 4 of 6

    Netflix is available on a wide range of — smartphones, tablets, laptops, game consoles and Smart TV's.


  • Keeping the viewer’s interest in mind 5 of 6

    Netflix provides members with content worth watching. From resurrecting shows like Arrested Development to creating their own like Orange is the New Black. Netflix will continue to provide their views with more quality content, original documentaries and stand-up comedy specials. 

  • Partnerships 6 of 6
    Netflix iPad UI

    Netflix has rights to film and TV programs from Paramount Pictures, MGM, Lions Gate Entertainment, Time Warner, Universal Pictures, Sony Pictures, Paramount Pictures, MGM, 20th Century Fox, Disney, NBC Universal, 20th Century Fox, among a host of other distributors.



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