7 Android Apps for Young Learners

Are you an Android device owning parent?

Are you looking for fun, interactive ways to help your school-aged children learn sight words and better understand math using your Android devices?

If you did not already know, Google Play houses thousands of high-quality children’s apps for practically every need and grade level. For me, I needed apps for my kindergartner who is a visual learner and is having difficulty retaining some of the auditory information being given to him.

So with that, I went searching for apps on Google Play that are easy to navigate, offer very little to no ads, are able to keep my son engaged and learning, and won’t take up much space on my Android smartphone.

Below is a list of ten free apps for kids that have been tried and tested by my son to see what would work best for his particular learning style.

If you are an iDevice user, here is a list of apps for the iPhone/iPad.

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  • Counting & Addition Kids Games 1 of 7

    The Counting & Addition Kids Games app is part of the iLearnWith suite of educational apps to get young kids ready for school and beyond with these fun learning games for kids in Preschool and Kindergarten.  These math learning games were designed specifically for children ages 3-6  to teach kids key math skills such as numbers, counting and addition with full audio instruction. 

    Price: FREE 

  • Monkey Preschool Lunchbox 2 of 7

    My son absolutely loves this app!! Monkey Preschool Lunchbox is a fun and exciting app for kids ages 2- 5.  It features a little cute monkey helping to teach kids colors, letters, counting, differences, and matching rewarding kids with a sticker after every other game they win.

    Price: FREE 

  • Splash Math Grade 1 3 of 7

    Splash Math Grade 1 is one of the most popular kids app on Google play. Why? Because it is fun, provides 13 chapters covering well over 185 math skills all aligned to Common Core standard and was the most comprehensive math app for kids aged 4-6. 

    Price: FREE

  • Sight Words Games Lite 4 of 7

    Being able to quickly recognize sight words is a crucial part of learning how to read and Sight Words Games Lite does just a great job teaching kids while making it fun. The app was created to help kids learn and practice reading the most common sight words featuring  over 300 words from the Dolch word list for kids in Preschool through 1st grade.

    Price: FREE

  • Learn Montessori 123 numbers 5 of 7

    Learn Montessori 123 numbers is an handwriting and math app created for kids up to 6  years old. Kids learn all about number through fun play activities such as: numbers spelling blocks, flash cards, patterns and memory games. 

    This apps was created to keep them engaged while having learning fundamental math concepts which are critical for young learners.  Identifying numbers, one-to-one number correspondence, reading number symbols, associating symbols with quantity, etc. are all included in this app to help them build their math skills. 


    Price: FREE

  • Kindergarten Kids Math Lite 6 of 7

    Kindergarten Kids Math Lite is an interactive app created for children 4-7.  Kids learn counting, number recognition, sequences, addition and subtraction for numbers 1 to 20 in short fun exercises. 

    Price: FREE

  • ABC for Kids All Alphabet Free 7 of 7

    ABC for Kids All Alphabet Free is a simple interactive app to teach kids their ABC's.  The app easily captures a young child's attention by associating each letter of the alphabet with an object, making it easier for them to recognize the letter. 

    Price: FREE



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