7 Apps to Add Style to Your Photos — That Aren’t Instagram

Your smartphone has effectively replaced the family “point and shoot” camera. Not only can you quickly snap and share photos of every moment, it’s now in vogue to add filters, effects, text, and captions to your pics before sharing them with family and friends, or on social media networks.

Think you need some big and pricey photo editing software with a steep learning curve that you have to download on your home computer? Think again – Here are 7 mobile photo apps that are simple to use but have very powerful features that can make your photos look like pro shots.

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    Here are the 7 best photo apps that are easy to use and add can add some pizazz to your smartphone pics.

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    Adding text and captions to your photos is a quick way to make them stand out in the sea of smartphone pics everybody else is sharing. Over for iOS is a great app for adding beautiful, artsy text to your images. The user interface is very original, and users have the option of sharing photos to Twitter, Facebook, Path, Instagram, Pinterest, Email, or easily create and ship a 4x6 postcard anywhere in the world. 

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    As the name suggests, Pic Stitch for iOS and WindowsPhone is the idea app if you quickly want to stitch together multiple smartphone shots to create one photo collage. You can choose up to 232 different image layouts to quickly rotate, resize, and position your photos together. Pic Stitch also offers many, many, photo sharing options, including developing physical prints to make sure everybody can check out your photos.

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    Camera+ for iOS was one of the first fully-featured photo apps on the market, and continues to shine with its ability to improve just about any photo you throw at it. Camera+ is a great photo app for beginners to auto-magically touch up photos with the "Clarity" filter to share photos on social networks, while the seasoned "iPhoneographer" can create award-winning mobile photography with all the different shooting and scene modes.

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    If Google saw enough potential to buy a photo app to integrate its features and functionality into Google+, but also keep it as a standalone app for iOS and Android, then it's a safe bet to say that Snapseed is worth taking a look at if you want a photo editing platform on your smartphone. Snapseed does a good job at offering many if not all of the editing features you would normally find in a desktop software application, but neatly wrapped up in a mobile app that's easy to use.

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    Flickr is looking to get back into the photo app game with the recent revamp of its mobile app for iOS and Android. Flickr not only improved its full-resolution photo social network that keeps in line with the online version, but added photo-editing features to make sure your photos are worthy of getting shared on one of the most popular image sites. Flickr also provides a Terabyte of space for every user to make sure those high-quality photos can be stored without fuss.

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    Have you always wanted to dive into the world of Photoshop but quickly got intimidated by its complexity (and cost)? Adobe lets users dip their proverbial toe in the water with the Photoshop Express mobile photo app for iOS, Android, and Windows Phone. The app simplifies the traditional desktop software and makes it easy for mobile users to quickly enhance, add filters & effects, and share photos via social networking sites and email. 

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    Just about any online site/service that offers some sort of photo-editing capability integrates Aviary software (including some of the apps I've mentioned in this post), so it makes sense for Aviary to have its own photo app for iOS and Android that gives users serious power when it comes to creating beautiful images. Aviary does a good job of consolidating many of the features from other photo apps into one comprehensive app… Probably because those other apps got those features from Aviary!

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Article Posted 3 years Ago

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