7 Best Sites To Sell Your Old Gadgets

This holiday season should prove to be bigger than ever as it relates to new gadgets to buy. Apple, Microsoft, Samsung, Amazon and a host of technology companies all will have new devices to attract buyers who are looking for THE hot gadget this season.

With so many new devices with good deals that will be on the market, the question is what do you do with all your old gadgets taking up space in your drawer or closet? Whether you need to get rid of old devices to make room for the new ones, or need to raise money this holiday shopping season, here are the best 7 sites to sell your gadgets without risking your life on Craigslist leaving your computer.

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    The 7 best sites to sell your gadgets in preparation for this holiday shopping season.


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    If you want to sell your gadgets, the first thing you need to do is take inventory and get a good idea of what your items are worth. My Gadgets by eBay is a great way to organize and appraise your gadgets before going through the selling process. If you're comfortable enough with selling on eBay, My Gadgets makes it easy to convert your items into auction of "buy now" listings.



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    While not offering top-dollar for your gadgets as some of the other sites, Gazelle prides itself on making it as simple as possible to sell your items. The cool thing about Gazelle is that it offers a wide variety of items you can sell, and quotes are good for 30 days after you have agreed to sell them. This is good if you're selling a smartphone or tablet that you still plan on using while you wait for your new device to be delivered.



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    NextWorth is another site that lets users easily sell a wide variety of good condition gadgets from video games, to smartphones, to Digital SLR cameras, to computers. If you want an in-store option to get rid of your gadgets, NextWorth has partnered with brick and mortar stores like Target, that will let you trade your gadgets on-site for store credit.



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    Maybe your gadgets are not in good condition? TechPayout will give you cash for your pristine-condition gadgets, as well as your cracked, broken, and simply unwanted devices. If your devices are too stinking old to fetch a price, TechPayout will offer to safely recycle your devices as well, at no charge.



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    If you have a little more geek in you than the average consumer, you may want to sell your smartphone or tablet you've tinkered with on Swappa. The site was created with developers, experts, and enthusiasts in mind who frequently sell (and buy) devices used to create mobile apps, for example. So rooted and unlocked mobile devices, gently used but in good condition, are more than welcome. The site makes it easy to sell devices according to carrier, in order to take the guess work out of listing your device.



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    I've personally sold my old gadgets using BuyBackWorld because based on my research, it pays out the most for gadgets in mint condition. The process is super simple as well — find your device and get a quote, print out a label, mail it off, and get your check or PayPal deposit in as little as 48 hours. So if you baby your gadgets like I do, BuyBackWorld may be a good place to start.



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