7 Best Tech Gadgets for Trick-or-Treating Kids

Halloween is on the horizon, and the best tech gadgets for trick-or-treating kids not only help them stay safe, but also hydrated and warm, as they make the rounds through the neighborhood filling their bags with the best treats around. As you spend time doing a final round of shopping for Halloween candy, costume accessories, and class party paraphernalia, shop for these 7 must haves for your trick-or-treaters. These gadgets will not only be helpful on Halloween night but can do double duty throughout the year to ensure that your investment pays off.

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  • Light Up Treat Bag with LEDs 2 of 8

    This darling, felt, LED treat bag featuring a pumpkin, bat, ghost, or spider has LED lights that turn on with a touch of a button, for added visibility during nighttime trick-or-treating. Kids will love that its lining features a spiderweb design that glows in the dark. Parents will love that it can be personalized so their child's treasured trick-or-treat bag never gets lost.

    Get the Halloween LED Treat Bag from Personal Creations for $29.99

  • Glow Sticks with Different Light Modes 3 of 8

    Not all glow sticks are created equal, and our favorites just happen to be the ones that are part of the Glow Stick Bundle from Rayovac, that not only feature LED lights but have 5 light modes (flashlight, flashlight and wand, flashlight and flashing wand, glowing wand, flashing wand) and a lanyard so there's no fumbling around with a flashlight while you're ringing doorbells. If your neighborhood is super crowded, they also make your kids easier to spot when around their necks. Our kids also love to take these on trips to Walt Disney World for nighttime park excursions and for light parade fun.

    Get a bundle of 3 Glow Sticks from for $9.99

  • Head Lamp to Light Your Way 4 of 8

    Just like the glow sticks can be used throughout the year, a head lamp is a multipurpose tool that is great for Halloween but also power outages, camping trips, or use in forts. I happen to love the Black Diamond Gizmo Headlamp because it's nicely priced at under $20, features bright long-lasting LED lights, and comes in colors that are suitable for boys and girls without being babyish.

    Get the Black Diamond Gizmo Headlamp from for $19.95.

  • Hand Warmer for Delightfully Warm Digits on a Cold Night 5 of 8

    Since the weather on Halloween night can be warm, balmy, or chilly depending on where you live, parents who aren't running around and reaching for candy can get cold as they watch their trick-or-treaters going from door to door. Prevent hands from getting chilly by tucking a Zippo Hand Warmer into your pocket or into the palm of fingerless gloves. With 12 hours of warmth, hands will stay toasty long after your trick-or-treaters have called it quits for the night.

    Get the Zippo Hand Warmer from for $13.

  • Heated Socks for Toasty Toes 6 of 8

    Even if your hands are warm, you don't want cold feet. Keep toes warm with a pair of heated socks that work thanks to lithium-ion batteries that tuck into a calf strap and provide four different levels of heat.

    Get Heated Socks from Sharper Image for $199.

  • CamelBak to Wash Down the Chocolate 7 of 8

    Walking to all those houses and sampling all that candy can make a kid thirsty! Only the hard core trick-or-treaters won't have to stop for water breaks if they're toting their own in a hands free way thanks to a CamelBak. The CamelBak Mini-Mule Hydration Pack is specially designed for kids so you can fill it with water and let them sip to stay hydrated all night long. It's definitely a parental bonus to not have to tote around a water bottle too!

    Get the CamelBak Mini-Mule Hydration Pack for Kids from for $50

  • Fitness Tracker to Justify the Chocolate Consumption 8 of 8

    Exactly how many calories did you and your kids burn while out trick-or-treating? The Sync Burn Band is worn like a watch but allows you to track distance, heart rate, steps, and calories burned over the course of a day or during a workout. Knowing how many calories you and your kids burned during a night of trick-or-treating helps justify the candy you'll sneak from their bags after they've gone to bed.

    Get the Sync Burn Band from for $99.99

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