7 Branding and Photography Tips for Martha Stewart

Martha Stewart has started taking photos, particularly of food she is eating, and sharing them with her Twitter audience of over 2.8 MILLION!  You would think Martha Stewart would post fabulous images, right? WRONG! The photographs she has posted are unsightly! As someone who has worked in brand management, I can only imagine what her staff in charge of branding is thinking each time she tweets.  Martha Stewart is not only a household name, but now a household brand. Your online presence should represent that of the company you have created and represent, especially when it’s you who are the face and name of the company. 

I don’t want to totally rag on Martha, because she is doing something right. She is participating on Twitter and tweeting more than just a corporate voice, giving the Twitter account a personality. That being said, when you are Martha Stewart, your world is something the rest of us will never have but we most definitely want to know all about it. Let’s use Kim Kardashian as an example. She lets everyone into her life, and curious minds want to know. Martha, keep trying, but let’s look at how you can improve what you are already doing with these branding and photography suggestions.

  • Zoom Out 1 of 7

    Onion soup? This looks like someone is playing with their food. Unappetizing is the best word for this photo!


    How to make this photo better:

    Zoom out and change the angle.


    If Martha had shot this from the side, the splats wouldn't be so apparent.  


  • Widen Your Perspective 2 of 7

    While this wedge salad may the "Perfect salad for the onion soup lunch" - it looks like something a child would have spit-up.  


    How to make this photo better:

    Broaden your perspective and focus on the subject.


    Again with the angle Martha! Why must we be so up close and personal with the wedge? Step away from the salad. At a fancy place as such - why not take a shot of the table and put a focus on the salad?  No matter how good this Russian dressing is, up close it makes me queasy.


  • Sneaky Photographs Are a No No 3 of 7

    Sara Carey and Marisa May at ghe James beard dinner

    I know I muck stuff up all the time, but let's try to represent your brand.  Watch out for typos, they happen to all of us, but again your name is your brand — represent it well.

    This image (we will talk about lighting later) looks like one of those sneaky photos someone takes. I've taken then before when I see a celebrity and go all paparazzi — but you are at a wine tasting with these folks!


    How to make this photo better:

    Sneaky photographs are a no-no when you are Martha Stewart!


    People would LOVE to pose for a photo for YOU and your 2 million Twitter follower audience! Ask your friends to pose.


  • Be Selective of What Your Photograph 4 of 7

    Why is Martha taking photos while washing dishes? Oh wait... that's not soap??? Apparently not. According to Martha's tweet this is:

    Land and sea. Uni. Seaweed bone marrow by Dominique CERN s. F.

     How to make this photo better:

    Be Selective of What You Photograph


    Some things do not photograph well. Have you ever watched food styling for a photo shoot? It's crazy the products they use (like glue for mayo) to make a shot look good. This does not look appetizing. If it doesn't photograph well, maybe it shouldn't be photographed... Or at least not shared on Twitter.


  • Use an App 5 of 7

    I took Martha's image and threw it into Afterlight. With a few tweaks that took maybe a minute, you can see the before and after. I know you are busy Martha, but a minute is worth it to your brand.


    How to make this photo better:

    Use an app


    Afterlight is a great app that allows you to tweak many aspects of your photos on the fly. I played with the Vignette, focusing on the food and minimizing the white space, and messed around with the saturation. I am no professional photog, but a few tweaks can better an image in a major way.


  • Lighting 6 of 7

    I am sure that optimal natural light isn't available at all of your dinners, but that being said...

    The gals are dressed in black, against a dark background, and then with the white tablecloth — this image is cute, but would be so much better if we could better see what's happening here. Tyra appears to have a swirly drinking straw around her wrist, and I am so confused to whose arm is whose, and whose hand is that under the table?


    How to make this photo better:



    Work with the light you have, or as much as I hate the flash - use it and then use Afterlight to make this photo pop. I would think that somewhere around the table, there would be a good way to shoot this to capture these two in action. 


  • No Digital Zoom! 7 of 7

    Okay, let's see - this is  Bob Woodruff. I know who Bob Woodruff is, but this does not look like Bob Woodruff with the dark demon eyes and blurry hand.


    How to make this photo better:

    No Digital Zoom


    It looks like a digital zoom was the culprit to this bad photo.  Let's try to not over-do the digital zoom so much that you can't recognize the person. And most definitely try to avoid posting photos with action shots. It's a mobile phone, not a DSLR — action does not work with the cameras our phones come with! (Not yet at least!)


    Keep up the photo updates Martha - you will get there, we know it!


Does this represent my brand? Will people gag at the sight of my photos? Just think before you tweet.

I really do respect the effort though. I know if Martha saw how I wadded my sheets instead of folding them or how I clean my house, she would have a list of suggestions for me.  But then again, I never branded myself as an awesome homemaker. 🙂

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