7 Hilarious Tweets Trying to Win $1.5 Million from Esurance

If you are on Twitter and notice several people tweeting #EsuranceSave30, (and have no idea why) let me let you in on a little secret. Esurance is giving away $1.5 million via Twitter. Crazy, right?

In a clever marketing move, Esurance, whose whole pitch is that they can save you 30%, bought the first commercial after the Big Game. By buying the commercial right AFTER the game, they save 30%. That 30% is $1.5 million. So what better way to make Twitter go crazy (and to get people talking about you) than to give that money away.

Watch the Esurance commercial:

What would you tweet to try to win $1.5 million?  Here’s a round up of the most hilarious tweets trying to win Esurance’s big prize!

  • Tweet to Win 1 of 8

    Could entering to win $1.5 million be as easy as sending a tweet? YES! Check out these 7 hilarious tweets in response to the Esurance Twitter giveaway. 

    Source - Twitter

  • Bank Account 2 of 8

    Ouch. Help this guy out Esurance!

    Source: Twitter

  • College Students 3 of 8

    With over 1.3 million tweets featuring #esurancesave30 in the first hour, I'm pretty sure it's more than just college students tweeting to win!

    Source: Twitter

  • I’ll Take Anything 4 of 8

    I'm with this guy — I'll take anything. What if Esurance just split that $1.5 million up and let 1,000 of us win $1,500? 

    Source - Twitter

  • Insurance 5 of 8

    If this giveaway was based on creating the best tweet to appeal to a brand, this might just be the winner. 

    Source - Twitter

  • Losing Followers 6 of 8

    Want to annoy your Twitter followers? Flood you Twitter stream with #EsuranceSave30

    Source - Twitter

  • In Case You Missed It 7 of 8

    Who could forget the Twitter hashtag fest featuring #kony2012. I think Esurance has them beat!

    Source - Twitter

  • All About the Money 8 of 8

    Obviously this marketing campaign has reminded us what people really want is a get rich quick scheme.

    Source - Twitter

In addition to the word of mouth marketing, Esurance is gaining Twitter followers at a rapid rate!  Since the night of the commercial airing, they have gained at least 15k Twitter followers! As someone who use to do social media monitoring, I can only imagine the craziness going on right now with the Esurance social media team!

Will You Tweet to Win?

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Article Posted 3 years Ago

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